Hallás utáni értés – alapfok: A special school


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A special school

Reporter:James, your school is one of the biggest schools in the state and people talk a lot about it. What’s so special about it?

James:Well, they say it’s the perfect school for talented students who want to study their favourite subjects. There are special lessons in drama, music, art, fashion and dance. The kids at this school make news programmes for TV, design clothes for school fashion shows and make the school website.

Reporter:Where is it located?

James:It’s in Orlando, Florida, opposite Universal Studios. Walt Disney World is only a few miles away. When the students are outside they can hear the kids screaming on the rides. You can see the roller-coasters from the school sport fields. Sometimes the school uses equipment from the Disney Company for school projects.

Reporter:What about the students? Who can attend this school?

James:This is a school that anyone can go to. You don’t have to be rich or super-intelligent but you have to work hard. It’s a big school and there are over 4,000 students. Most of them are regular kids but the school had some famous students, too. For example, the singer Joey Fatone also studied here. His favourite subjects were music and drama. When he left school, he didn’t have to travel very far for his first job. He worked as an actor and dancer at Universal Studios. 

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