Szóbeli tételek: Post office and postal services (postai szolgáltatások)

A következő rövid leckében a postai szolgáltatások témáját járjuk körül angolul, szószedettel.

Although we live in a digital age and conduct the majority of our business online, in-person postal services are still occasionally necessary, and the post office service will not become obsolete. Sending, receiving, and delivering letters, parcels, and packages, as well as banking, insurance service, money transfer, savings, the sale of stamps, envelopes, and boxes, the sale of postcards and greeting cards, newspaper subscriptions, and the sale of lottery tickets and scratch cards, are all postal services. Even in the tiniest village, the post office is a vital and crucial place and it is usually in a central location. Clerks and tellers work behind the counters of a post office, which are commonly referred to as windows. Postmen or letter carriers deliver the mail to consumers. Previously, it was mostly a male occupation, but currently, also many women deliver the mail. They deliver it on foot, by bike, by motorcycle, or by car, depending on the size of the territory they cover. They are well-known and welcome by customers; they usually have a relatable personality and are easy to talk to. They mostly deliver official mail and newspapers since nowadays most people communicate with one another through digital platforms, on laptops, and smartphones. People rarely send handwritten letters or postcards to each other these days; instead, they send Messenger messages, e-mails, or even SMS texts.

If you need to send a package, you’ll definitely have to go to the post office as you can’t do it from home. When you enter the post office, a machine will issue you a number, which will be shown on a screen with the number of the counter where you will be served by a postal clerk. It’s a practical approach to avoiding queues. You can even sit down comfortably as you wait for your number to be called. When it’s your turn, the clerk weighs your package on the scales to determine the amount of postage you’ll have to pay. International postage might be quite costly. You can pick between regular mail and first-class delivery, with first-class delivery costing more. Regular mail takes longer, while first-class mail is expected to arrive quickly. The parcel must be wrapped carefully and securely, and the addressee’s and sender’s names and addresses must be written clearly and in large characters preferably in printed letters, including the postal code. To mail your shipment, you used to have to fill out a form, but nowadays clerks just print a label with your data on it and stick it to the surface of the package. You have the option of tracking your package online, which is recommended if you want to ensure that it is delivered securely and successfully. The shipping fees can be paid with a credit card or cash.

If you wish to send a postcard or a letter, the process is nearly identical, with the exception that you can request an actual stamp. Post offices still sell stamps, even though printing the postal fee on a slip of paper and pasting it on the letter or postcard is the standard procedure. Requesting that the postal clerk place an attractive stamp on your letter or postcard will greatly improve the appearance of your mail and offer delight to people who receive it. You can save a visit to the post office by simply dropping your letter in a mailbox if you keep stamps at home and are aware of the postal expenses or buy stamped envelopes beforehand. In the past, mailboxes were a common sight in cities and towns. They’re becoming less common these days, but you’ll almost certainly see one in front of a post office.

Post offices still offer P.O. box and post restante services for companies and individuals, which means that the mail you receive is not delivered to your home and must be collected in person at the post office.


to conduct business ügyeket intézni
to become obsolete elavulni
parcel csomag
insurance service biztosítási ügyintézés
money transfer pénzátutalás
savings megtakarítások
stamp bélyeg
envelope boríték
newspaper subscription újság előfizetés
scratch card kaparós sorsjegy
clerk tisztviselő
teller pénztáros
counter pult
to deliver kézbesíteni
relatable personality kellemes személyiség
official hivatalos
to avoid queues elkerülni a sorbanállást
scales mérleg
regular mail nem elsőbbségi kézbesítés
first-class delivery elsőbbségi kézbesítés
to wrap becsomagolni
addressee címzett
sender feladó
in printed letters nyomtatott betűkkel
postal code irányítószám
shipment küldemény
tracking nyomonkövetés
to drop bedobni
mailbox postaláda
stamped envelope előre felbélyegzett boríték
P.O. box postafiók
post restante postán maradó
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