Useful dialogues – Travelling by air 1.

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Reservations clerk: Pacific Airways, good morning. How can I help you?
Samantha: I´d like some information on flights to Budapest, please.
Reservations clerk: Certainly, Madam. When would you like to leave?
Samantha: Next Friday, the 22nd.
Reservations clerk: Well, let me check it… yes, we have a 13:50 flight on that day.
Samantha: Good. I need a one way ticket.
Reservations clerk: Tourist or first class?
Samantha: Tourist class.
Reservations clerk: $438 for a one way ticket, Madam.
Samantha: Is there a stop-over?
Reservations clerk: Yes, you should transfer at the Frankfurt airport.
Samantha: All right. Please book me on the flight. My name’s Samantha Collins.
Reservations clerk: How would you like to pay?
Samantha: Can I pay by credit card?
Reservations clerk: Certainly. May I have the card number, expiry date and your name as printed on the card?
Samantha: The card number is 5389 2600 0007 5014, the expiry date is February 2010, and the name is Samantha Collins.
Reservations clerk: Just a second, please… All right, Ms Collins. I’ve reserved one seat in your name on Flight NWA 362 bound for Budapest on May 22nd.
Samantha: Thank you. What time do you start checking-in?
Reservations clerk: Two hours before departure time.
Samantha: Thanks a lot.


Reservations clerk: Pacific Airlines. Can I help you?
Jessica: Hello. I´d like to reconfirm my flight, please.
Reservations clerk: Can I have your name and flight number, please?
Jessica: My name is Jessica Stewart-Adams and my flight number is 436.
Reservations clerk: When are you leaving?
Jessica: On June 11th.
Reservations clerk: And your destination?
Jessica: Rome.
Reservations clerk: Hold the line, please. (…) All right. Your seat is confirmed. You´ll be arriving in Rome at 3 o´clock p.m. local time.
Jessica: Thank you. Can I pick up my ticket when I check in?
Reservations clerk: Yes, and remember to check in at least one hour before departure time.


Reservations clerk: Hello. Pacific Airways. May I help you?
Man: Yes. My name´s Mark Silverman and I reserved two seats on Flight 852 on the 23rd, and I´d like to cancel the reservation.
Reservations clerk: Please hold on. (…) That´s flight NWA 852 from Toronto to Washington?
Man: Yes, that´s right.
Reservations clerk: OK. Your reservation has been canceled, Mr. Silverman.
Man: Thanks.

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