Resignation letter … avagy, hogyan írjunk felmondó levelet?

Gergő | 2015. 07. 07.

Hogyan írjunk angol nyelvű felmondó levelet? Íme, egy kis segítség!

Resignation letter
Hogyan mondjunk fel írásban a munkahelyünkön, ha találtunk egy jobb állást

To the Manager of the Sales Department                                          29th June, 2015

Dear Mr Winston,

Regretfully, I must inform you that I need to resign from my position here as office manager. I prefer to leave at the end of this month, if that is convenient. If not, I will gladly comply with the company’s request to give two months termination notice.

Please know that I am grateful for the trust and confidence that you have placed in me in the last three years.

Each year my financial obligations have increased and unfortunately, my salary here has not been able to keep up with these demands. As a result, I have been forced to reconsider my employment here and have concluded that it would be best for me to seek employment with a company better equipped to meet my financial requirements. Despite this, it is with mixed emotions that I have accepted a position elsewhere that carries a higher salary with possibilities for future advancement,

Although the higher salary was one factor in my decision, I will also have a greater opportunity to use my degree in computer science.

Please accept my thanks for the opportunity to work with you. The guidance you have given me has proved invaluable and has prepared me well for my new position. I have enjoyed the challenges presented here andI sincerely hope that I have returned adequate service for all the benefits that I have received.

Of course, I will be happy to helptrain a replacement while I am here. The new manager is also free to call me at home or email me with any questions after I leave. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help make this transition as trouble-free and smooth as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Jason West

Sikerült megjegyezni a felmondáshoz fontos szavakat? Le tudnád fordítani az alábbi kifejezéseket angolra?

1. felmondó levél

2. állást keresni

3. felmondani

4. sajnálattal

5. ha ez megfelelő

6. felmondási idő

7. elfogadni egy állást

8. jövőbeni előrelépés/előléptetés

9. magasabb fizetés

10. kihívás

11. betanítani az utódot

12. átmenet


1. resignation letter

2. to seek employment

3. to resign

4. regretfully

5. if that is convenient

6. termination notice

7. to accept a position

8. future advancement

9. a higher salary

10. challenge

11. to train a replacement

12. transition


resignation letter

felmondó levél (a munkavállaló részéről)



to resign


if that is convenient

ha ez megfelelő

to comply with

eleget tenni, alkalmazkodni

termination notice

felmondási idő



financial obligations

pénzügyi kötelezettségek

to keep up with

lépést tartani


igény, követelés

to seek employment

állást keresni

financial requirements

pénzügyi igények

it is with mixed emotions

vegyes érzelmekkel

to accept a position

elfogadni egy állást

future advancement

előrelépés/előléptetés a jövőben


vezetés, irányítás





I sincerely hope

őszintén remélem




előny, haszon

to train a replacement

betanítani az utódot, az állásban őt követőt





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