Business English TEST

Az üzleti angol nyelvi világából válogatott mondatokból egy-egy szó hiányzik, jelöld be a megfelelő válaszlehetőséget. Megoldásokkal!

1. A ___ holiday is an official holiday when most businesses are closed for a day.
a, bank
b, shop
c, total
d, general
e, society

2. The ___ professions are jobs such as nursing which involve looking after people.
a, looking
b, watching
c, health
d, seeing
e, caring

3. A character ___ is a written statement of a person’s good qualities, written by someone who knows the person well, which is sent to a future employe
a, reliable
b, referee
c, referer
d, reference
e, different

4. The chief _____ is the person with the most important position.
a, manager
b, director
c, executive
d, executor
e, chef

5. Clocking-___ time is when employees should arrive at work.
a, on
b, in
c, at
d, by
e, with

6. A ___ car is provided by the employer with the job.
a, service
b, firm
c, co-operative
d, company
e, citizen

7. A ___-time job is done for the whole of a working week.
a, part
b, full
c, quarter
d, whole
e, all

8. Human ___ is the study of the relationships between groups of workers in a place of work.
a, relations
b, relationships
c, relatives
d, relateds
e, relevants

9. A ___ centre is a government office where unemployed people can go for information about jobs which are available.
a, work
b, unemployment
c, labour
d, job
e, employment

10. A job ___ is a list of the responsibilities which you have to perform in your work.
a, title
b, content
c, description
d, list
e, prescription

1. a
2. e
3. d
4. c
5. b
6. d
7. b
8. a
9. d
10. c

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