Useful dialogues – Computer check

Gergő | 2014. 09. 26.

Számítógép ellenőrzése – hasznos párbeszéd. 

Man: IT support, can I help you?
Woman: Hi, this is Gina from Finance. Something’s wrong with my computer.
Man: What exactly is the problem?
Woman: It’s been quite slow for about three days now and today the intranet connection keeps dropping too.
Man: Have you checked the cables and restarted it?
Woman: Yes, but it didn’t help.
Man: Can I have your computer ID, please? I’ll try to run a virus check for you through the intranet.
Woman: It’s GinaTowsend, one word, capital G and T.
Man: I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do remotely. I’ll send someone around in the afternoon.
Woman: I’m budgeting a new project and I need a replacement ASAP. I have a deadline in 2 days.
Man: I can’t leave the office now because everyone else is out, but I can give you a laptop if you pop in.
Woman: Great. I’m on my way.

IT support – information technology – műszaki támogatás, technikai támogatás
connection keeps dropping – állandóan leszakad‏ a hálózatról
to restart – újraindítani
ID – identification – itt felhasználónév
to run a virus check – vírusellenőrzést lefuttat
intranet – belső hálózat
capital letter – nagybetű
to send someone around – odaküldeni valakit
to budget – költségvetést készíteni
replacement – csere, pótlás
ASAP – as soon as possible – a lehető leghamarabb
deadline – határidő
to pop in – beugrani
I’m on my way – már indulok is

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