The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

A videó bemutatja a még megnyitás előtt álló Harry Potter témájú vidámparkot (ami azóta már meg is nyílt).

Hi HP fans, thanks for coming back to Clevver TV. I’m your host Dana Ward and today we’re filling you in on the Harry Potter Theme Park.
Well, it’s an entire section of Universal Orlando and it’s called The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Basically it’s a mini theme park within a theme park. Hogwarts Castle will act as the main hub of the area, where guests take a ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in order to see some favorite HP locations including Gryffindors commons and Dumbledores office. There are reportedly two roller coasters including Flight of the Hippogriff and an even more extreme ride, Dragon Challenge.

Some other features in The Wizarding World include the Three Broomsticks restaurant, an emporium of confiscated goods, a joke shop, a wand store and a place to buy sweets.

Now don’t book your tickets to Florida yet just because according to the site, the park section is set to open in Spring 2010 but its not a final confirmed date. Of course, you can get all of the details at, but first, go to to get the latest entertainment news, reviews and gossip. Im Dana Ward, thanks for watching!

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