Winona Ryder shoplifting

CCTV footage of Winona Ryder caught on camera shoplifting. Probably the most famous shoplifter on the planet:- )

Department stores and no strangers to crime. They’re littered with CCTV sets ups to watch people like this lady here.

As she loads her arms with goods and wanders round the store, the camera operator starts to notice there’s on place she’s not visiting. The Till!

She couldn’t be more obvious if she had a sign on her back saying ‘I’m a lifter’!

But maybe this is a destitute young woman, cold on a winters eve unable to pay for the clothes she so desperately needs to keep warm.

O maybe it’s multi millionaire and acclaimed actress Winona Rider gathering up six grands worth of designer clobber and waltzing out the door. Yep you guessed it, it’s a Hollywood star who doesn’t need any of this stuff and certainly doesn’t need to steel it! Seriously though, what were her chances of getting away with it.

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