Ausztrál angol kiejtés – Steve Irwin-nel

Nézd meg ezt a rövid videót, amelyben a tragikusan korán elhunyt Steve Irwin mutatja be röviden az Ausztrál állatkertet! Remek gyakorlás az ausztrál angolra!

Welcome to Australia Zoo. Mate, every single thing you see here today, myself and my mom and dad built from the ground up. Terri and I, we’re just continuing the family tradition. Please come and have a look at the things we love the most: our animals. Let’s have a look!

These are dingoes. Australia’s native dog. I might have some treats for you! Aren’t they just beautiful? The dingo.
Yes, the biggest and grandest arrival of Australia Zoo’s history is happening right now. Three drop dead mega gorgeous sheilas are here: Siam, Sabo and little Bimbo.

Have a look at this little cutie pie. This is my girl, and her name is Minibus. Now this is a wombat. The closes living animal to the koala. Hey sweetheart, you wanna come for a roll in the sand? These are Australia’s great excavators. The wombat. Very famous Australian.

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