Back to the Future 2: The Future McFlys


Sok minden megvalósult a Vissza a jövőbe jóslataiból, azonban a hidratált pizzára még várni kell : )

McFly Residence – Kitchen

Lorraine is making dinner. She opens the pizza.

Marty Jr.: Hey, pizza!
Marty: Alright, just wait.
Marty Jr.: Grandma, can you just shove it in my mouth? (laughs)
Marty: Don’t you be a smart ass!
Marty Jr.: Oh, great, it’s the atrocity channel.

Lorraine puts the pizza in a Black and Decker Hydrator.

Lorraine: Hydrate level 4 please.

4 seconds later, she takes the pizza out, and it’s become full size.

Marty Jr.: Is it ready?

Lorraine puts the pizza on the table.

Lorraine: Here you go.

Marty, Marlene and Marty Jr. all take a slice. Marlene and Marty Jr. both have television/telephone goggles on.
Marty: Oh boy, oh boy Mom, you sure can hydrate a pizza. (Marty takes a bite.) Now I’m sorry I missed that whole thing.


Lorraine: Now I’m just worried about Jennifer.


Lorraine: Why isn’t she home yet?
Marty: I’m not sure where Jennifer is Mom. (He pours himself and his son some juice. Marlene has a Pepsi.) Should have been home hours ago, and I’m having a hard time keeping track of her these days.
Marty Jr.: Hey fruit, fruit please! (The fruit thing comes down.) Thank you.
Lorraine: Aren’t you and Jennifer getting along?
Marty: Oh yeah, great Mom, we’re like a couple of teenagers, ya know.

The phone rings on the kids goggles.

Marty Jr.: Dad, telephone, its Needles.
Marlene: Dad, it’s for you.
Marty: All right, well, I’ll take it down in the den. Excuse me.
Marty Jr.: (re: fruit machine) Retract!


to shove

lapátol, belapátol

smart ass



aljasság, disznóság

to be worried about

valami miatt aggódni

to get along

jól kijönni valakivel

to have a hard time doing sth

nehézségei vannak valamit csinálni

to keep track of somebody

nyomon követni valakit



to take something down

levinni valamit

in the den


to retract

behúz, visszahúz

Kapcsolódó anyagok

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