Frasier – Coffee Sizes SZÖVEGGEL

Egy vicces jelenet a Frasier sorozatból, amely a kávézók érthetetlen ital-elnevezéseit figurázza ki.

Frasier: I’m hashing over an ethical dilemma, so I think I could use some black coffee.
Server: What size would you like?
Frasier: Uh, I’ve got a lot to ponder, so I think a large.
Server: I’m afraid we don’t have large, sir. We have piccolo, macho, mucho and mucho macho.
Frasier: I see. Uh, do you happen to know what size would correspond to a Nervosa grande?
Server: No. But our mucho is about the same as the semi-colossal over at Don’t Spill the Beans.
Frasier: Ah, ah, all right. I know that their colossal is comparable to a Nervosa grande, so the semi-colossal would be three quarters of a colossal, so the mucho and the semi-colossal would be equivalent… so I should have the mucho macho. But only fill it five-eighths.
Server: Yes sir. For fifty cents extra, we can pre-heat the vessel.
Frasier: No. Can we just move this along, please?
Server: I understand completely. Your zip-code, please? You don’t have to give your real zip if you don’t want to.
Frasier: Than what’s the point?
Server: It unlocks the cash register.
Frasier: Put in whatever code you wish. Here we are. Now, I’d just like a cup of coffee and a quiet place to drink it.
Server: Can do, sir. Okay, here’s your change, you’re number four, I’ll bring it to your bean bag.

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