Little Britain – Carol Beer in Spain 1.

Carol otthagyva Sponge Bob Squarepants-i munkáját :-) Spanyolországban lett kihelyezett idegenvezető, ahol szokásos lelkesedésével kalauzolja a turistákat...

Along with France and Germany, Spain is one of Europe’s third world countries. Here in Majorca, Carol Beer is the friendly face of Sun Searchers Holidays.

Man: Sun Searchers, Ah this must be us dear.
Woman: Morning.
Man: Morning.
Carol: Hello my name is Carol…I am your ‘rep’ welcome to Spain. If you look to your left you will see Spain. If you look to your right you will see Spain. Now I’m here to make sure your holiday is fun, fun, fun… fun. Any question or problems, come to me.
Man: Excuse me! Excuse me!
Carol: Yes old man.
Man: Sorry, sorry. My wife’s feeling rather nauseous, do you think it would be possible to just stop the coach for a moment so she can get out and get some air?
Carol: Gonzales…stop the bus (made up Spanish words).
Man: Thank you, excuse me. OK alright?
Carol: Gonzales…vamos!
Man: Are you ok? Is it something you ate on the plane… hey hey…hey hey…. It’s alright.

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