Little Britain ft. Robbie Williams – I’m a Lady!

A népszerű brit komédiajelenet-sorozat Red Nose Day alkalmából készített epizódjában Robbie Williams-nek is jutott egy kis szerep:- ) igaz, nem férfiként:-))))

Little Britain Sketch – Matt Lucas, David Walliams and Robbie Williams

Voice Over – Transvestitism (Transvestites) in Britain is now more prevalent than ever with nearly fifty percent of the population dressed as women.

Florence – Oh Emily it was such a wonderful idea of yours to open up this ladies shop.

Emily – Why thank you Florence my dear, yes – I think it’s very important that ladies like us – We are ladies aren’t we ?

Florence – Oh yes Emily we are certainly two of them.

Emily – Yes I think it’s important that ladies like us have somewhere we can go, where we can buy our ladies things. Our little lace handkerchiefs, our parasols our general ladies……shit.

Florence – Oh Emily… a customer!

RW – High fellas!

Emily – Hello, yes we are ladies.

Florence – Welcome to our ladies shop.

RW – This used to be Burtons right? (Burtons is a mens cloths shop in UK)

Emily – Oh yes that’s right.

RW – I used to get all my clothes from here. But it’s alright, there’s a Mr Byrights on the corner, I’ll just go there.

Emily – Oh no, no, no, I’m sure we can find something for you. We’ve got a shy one!

Emily – Come on, let’s get these trousers off.!

RW – No!

Florence – Oh, can I give you a hand Emily?

Emily – Oh no thank you my dear I’m fine.

RW – Not my thong!

Emily – Let’s get these knickers on you dear.

Emily – Florence, may I present to you a new lady friend of mine. Miss Roberta Williams.

Florence – Ooh! Somebody’s going to be breaking a few men’s hearts!

RW- Really?!

Emily – Yes, you’ll be quite the ‘Bell of the Ball’.

RW – It’s funny. I do actually feel comfortable dressed like this. It’s like I feel myself or the very first time.

RW- Yes indeed ladies I could get quite used to this. Thank you very much. Aurevoir !

RW – You hoo!! I’m a lady.

Emily – Bloody Poof!

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