Hasznos párbeszédek – Hogyan tanuljunk idegen nyelveket?


Jöjjön most egy hasznos párbeszéd nyelvtanulással kapcsolatban! 

Boy: I’m so envious of you. You speak excellent English, and you are good at three other languages. How do you manage to learn them all? You see, I’m just struggling with English and I feel that I’m not getting anywhere. It’s so frustrating.

Girl: When did you start learning English and how?

Boy: I started it five years ago. It was compulsory in secondary school. But unfortunately we had a different teacher every year and we didn’t make much progress. I quite hated the lessons. English was just another boring school subject and I didn’t enjoy it at all.

Girl: I’m sorry you were so unlucky. Have you ever attended a language course?

Boy: No, not yet. Do you think that would help?

Girl: It’s good motivation if you learn together with others. But the most important thing is that you have to love English. It’s a beautiful language and moreover, it’s very useful. 

Boy: Well, it’s hard to love something that you’re struggling with. Can you recommend me any good techniques or methods I could use?

Girl: What are your aims with English?

Boy: I would like to communicate in English and also would like to take a language exam. Nowadays it’s a must and it’s required at almost every place of work.

Girl: Yes, I agree. First and foremost try to like what you’re doing. Set little aims at first and enjoy the little successes. And the most important: believe in the fact that you can do it. Be positive, conscientious and hardworking and you will succeed, I promise. 

Boy: Any books you can recommend?

Girl: It doesn’t really matter what book you use. Invest your time, be enthusiastic and learn English every day. You can always find five minutes if you want. Find topics you’re interested in, read about them in English and have fun.

Boy: Thank you for your advice. It was good talking to you. You helped me loads.


I’m not getting anywhere.– Nem megyek semmire.
Do you think that would help? – Szerinted az segítene?
The most important thing is that… –Az a legfontosabb, hogy… 
Nowadays it’s a must. – Manapság ez nélkülözhetetlen.
It’s required – Elvárás, elvárják.
I agree. –Egyetértek.
first and foremost – mindenekelőtt
You can do it. –Meg tudod csinálni. Menni fog.
Be positive. – Állj pozitívan a dolgokhoz!
I promise. – Megígérem.
It doesn’t really matter. – Nem igazán számít.
Have fun. – Érezd jól magad!
Thank you for your advice.  –Köszönöm a tanácsodat.
It was good talking to you. – Jó volt beszélni veled.
You helped me loads. – Rengeteget segítettél.


to be envious of sy– irigykedni valakire
to struggle – küzdeni
compulsory –kötelező
to make progress – haladni valamivel
moreover – sőt
aim – cél
to take a language exam – nyelvvizsgázni
to set aims – célokat kitűzni
at first – először, kezdetben
conscientious –lelkiismeretes
hardworking – szorgalmas
to succeed – sikerrel járni
to recommend – ajánlani
to invest – befektetni
enthusiastic – lelkes

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