Hasznos párbeszédek – Kid’s Birthday Party – Szülinapi zsúr


A következő párbeszéd hasznos lehet, ha szülinapi bulit szeretnénk szervezni. 

Child:It’s my birthday next week. I’m so excited. I can hardly wait for the day to come at last. Can I organize a party this year, too?
Mum: Yes, of course. It’s your big day. Time flies so fast. I can’t believe that you are going to turn 10 already. Where would you like to throw a party? In McDonald’s maybe?
Child: Come on, Mum. McDonald’s is old hat. And it’s only for small kids. It’s sooo boring. My classmates would just laugh at me if I invited them to a party there.
Mum: Where then? I remember last time you went to a birthday party it was in a bowling alley. It was fun, wasn’t it?
Child: Yes, but we’ve been there a lot recently. Let’s do something special. Can I have my birthday in an escape room? Or when James had his party we were laser tagging. Can I have that, too, Mum, can I?
Mum: Well, those are pretty expensive places. I don’t think we can afford to go there this year. Maybe next year we will put aside some money for that. But you know what? Let’s throw a garden party at home, for a change. That could be fun. We could play games with the water hose and the slide. Your daddy is so good at inventing games. 
Child: OK, thanks, Mum. How many kids can I invite?
Mum: The garden is big enough. Ten or twelve maybe?
Child: Can it be eighteen? There are eighteen boys in my class and I would like to invite all of them. I will get eighteen presents then. Yippee!
Mum: All right. I hope everybody will behave themselves. What food would you like? Sandwiches? Biscuits?
Child: Noo…. Pizza and ice cream, please. And chocolate cake. Can we have soda?
Mum: Just fruit juice and water, I’m afraid. But it will be pizza, ice cream and chocolate cake then.
Child: Thank you, Mum. You are the best mum in the world.


I can hardly waitMár alig várom
Time flies so fast.  – Olyan gyorsan repül az idő.
I can’t believe – El sem hiszem, hogy…
to turn 10  – betölteni a 10 évet
to throw a party – built/partit rendezni
Come on, Mum.  – Ugyan már, anya!
old hat – régi/lejárt lemez, elcsépelt dolog
I don’t think we can afford  – Attól tartok, nem engedhetjük meg magunknak.
to put aside some money  – félretenni pénzt
for a change  – a változatosság kedvééért
to be good at something  – ügyes, jó valamiben
The garden is big enough – Elég nagy a kert.
Can it be ….?  – Lehet-e….?
I hope, everybody will behave themselves – Remélem, mindenki jól fog viselkedni
I’m afraid – Attól tartok…
You are the best Mum in the world. – Te vagy a világ legjobb anyukája.


excited – izgatott 
boring – unalmas
classmate – osztálytárs
bowling alley – bowlingpálya
escape room – szabadulószoba
laser tag – lézerharc
garden party – kerti parti
play games – játszani
water hose – öntözőcső, slag
slide – csúszda
to invent – kitalálni
to invite – meghívni
present ajándék
biscuit – keksz, süti
soda – szénsavas üdítőital

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