Hasznos párbeszédek – Utazás kutyával/Travelling with a dog

A következő párbeszéd hasznos lehet, ha kutyával utazol repülőn. 

Letölthető tartalmak

Attendant: Repjegy.hu, how may I help you?
Woman:Hello, this is Mrs. Chapman speaking. May I have a question? I hope you can help me.
Attendant:Yes, of course, just go ahead.
Woman:I would like to fly to Greece and would like to take my dog along. Is it possible?
Attendant:Yes, it is. But whether you can take it on board depends on the size of the animal.
Woman:How can the dog travel on the plane? What should I take care of?
Attendant:The animal must travel in a special cage.
Woman:What does it depend on where it travels? How big a dog may I take on board?
Attendant:It depends on the weight of the animal. If its weight plus its carrying case is not over 8 kg and the cage is small enough to fit under the seat the dog can travel on board. If the weight is more than 8 kg the animal must travel in the luggage hold of the plane.
Woman:Does the dog need a passport?
Attendant:Yes, it has to have an animal passport with all the necessary information about inoculation in it and the animal should be microchipped.
Woman:How much does transport cost for the animal?
Attendant:The price varies depending on which company you’re flying with.
Woman:Thank you very much for your help.
Attendant:If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact repjegy.hu again. Bye.


How may I help you?Miben segíthetek?
May I have a question?Kérdezhetek valamit?
Just go ahead.– Mondja csak!
What should I take care of?– Mire figyeljek oda? Mit kell tennem?
How big a dog may I take on board?– Mekkora kutyát vihetek fel a fedélzetre?
Does the dog need a passport?– Kell útlevél a kutyának?
How much does transport cost?– Mennyibe kerül a szállítás?
Thank you very much for your help.– Nagyon köszönöm a segítségét.
If you have any other questions…– Ha van még más kérdése,…
Don’t hesitate to contact …– Hívja bátran a … –t!


to take along– magával vinni
on board– fedélzetre, fedélzeten
to depend on– függeni valamitől
cage– ketrec
weight– súly
carrying case– hordozó
to fit– beférni
luggage hold– csomagtér
inoculation– oltás
price– ár
to vary– különbözőnek lenni

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