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Azt gondoltam, hogy a héten foglalkozzunk egy kicsit az utazással, hiszen lassan itt a nyári szünidő! Ma megnézzük – és meg is hallgatjuk - , hogy hogyan kell lefoglalni egy üdülést egy utazási irodában!

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Remélem kellemesen telt a hétvégéd! Mi sétáltunk egy jót Etyeken, a borfesztiválon, amit legjobban Artúr élvezett: végig a bringáján tolatta magát (mivel még nem tudja rendesen hajtani a triciklit:- ), és olyan élvezettel kóstolt végig mindent (na persze nem a borokat), hogy öröm volt nézni:- )

Azt gondoltam, hogy a héten foglalkozzunk egy kicsit az utazással, hiszen lassan itt a nyári szünidő!

Ma megnézzük – és meg is hallgatjuk – , hogy hogyan kell lefoglalni egy üdülést egy utazási irodában!

Jó tanulást kívánok!




Booking a holiday

Travel Agent:   Hello. How can I help you?

       Hello. I browsed through your catalogue, and I’d like to book a holiday.

Travel Agent:
   Where would you like to go?

       I’d like to go to Spain, to Tenerife.       

Travel Agent:   Certainly. The hotel is situated in the middle of a modern holiday complex in a

friendly and lively atmosphere. The hotel is 250 metres from the sandy beaches,

and 1.5 kilometers from the busy nightlife. Local buses to most areas stop close by.

Samantha:       We’d like to go there with our children. Is the place suitable for children, too?

Travel Agent:   Yes. The complex is ideal for families with children.

Samantha:       Could you tell me something about the hotel facilities?


Travel Agent:   There is a swimming pool with a sun terrace and free sun loungers in the garden. There is also a           pool bar, which is open all day long and also   serves snacks. The hotel has a 24 hour reception.

Samantha:       All right. I’d like to book it now.

Travel Agent:   When would you like to go?

Samantha:       On the 21 of July. For one week.


Travel Agent:   You can choose between two types of apartments. The first one is a 1 bedroom           apartment with a separate twin bedroom and a sofa bed in the living area. The second one is a 2 bedroom apartment with an additional twin bedroom. Both apartments have an open-plan kitchenette with oven and fridge, a full bathroom and a spacious balcony or terrace.

Samantha:       I’d prefer the 2 bedroom apartment.

Travel Agent:   That’s Å 395 per person based on self-catering.

Samantha:       Do children get any discount?

Travel Agent:   Yes, for children below 12 years we offer a 50% discount.

Samantha:       Can we have half-board?

Travel Agent:   Yes, half-board is available at a supplement?

Samantha:       How much is that exactly?

Travel Agent:   Å 45 per person.

Samantha:       That’s not bad. I’d like half-board for 4 persons.


Travel Agent:   All right, I’m booking it for you. That’s Å 1365. How would you like to pay? In cash or by credit card?

Samantha:       In cash.  Flights are included in the price, aren’t they?


Travel Agent:   Yes, of course. All right, and finally I will need your names and passport numbers to finish the booking. Would you like travel insurance with your booking?

Samantha:       Yes, please. For all of us.



Some people prefer staying at home, they rarely leave their home town. But other people are different, they are interested in exotic places and different cultures, so they travel abroad whenever they can. If you are young, travel is a good opportunity to learn about the world. People in their thirties, forties and fifties travel often travel on business, and on vacation, too. After retiring, people like travelling because they don’t have a job to worry about. In Hungary pensions are very low, so Hungarian pensioners don’t travel a lot.


If you want to travel abroad, you need personal documents, like an ID card, or a passport. If you travel in the EU, an ID is enough to identify yourself, but if you go to the United Kingdom or Ireland, you have to carry your passport, too.

If you go abroad, you need to arrange travel and accommodation. You can book everything online, or you can go to a travel agency where an agent will do it for you.


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