How did Monopoly become a game? (B2 – középfok)


Hallás utáni értést ellenőrző feladat B2 szinten, azaz középfokon. 

How did Monopoly become a game?

Charles Darrow didn’t have a steady job so he repaired household appliances and …… (1) to earn money. His friend brought a …..  (2) board game to his house. Charles liked it and he also made a game, he used linoleum to make the ……. (3) and ….. (4) to make the pieces and used …… (5) for money. It took a …… (6) to make one copy of the game. His friends liked the game and he wanted to sell it to a company, which refused it first. So he took it to a ……. (7) and made five thousand copies and sold them. The company became interested, changed their …… (8) and bought the rights of the game.

People have played Monopoly since then in many different places, for example in an elevator and in a ….. (9). They even made a Monopoly game out of chocolate with raspberry ….. (10). During World War II they sent the game to ….. (11) of war to help them to ….. (12). In a college town once students played a …… (13) Monopoly game. They used mobile phones to know about each other’s ….. (14) and threw big, soft …… (15) from the third floor of a building.



How did Monopoly become a game?

Sometimes dreams really come true. Charles Darrow didn’t have a steady job. He fixed household appliances and even walked dogs to earn money for his wife and child. He didn’t dream of getting rich.

One night a friend brought a handmade board game called the Landlord’s game to Charles’s house. He loved the game and decided to make one like it himself with a few changes. He used linoleum for the game board and carved the game pieces out of wood. He used buttons for money. It took him a whole day to make one copy of the game, but his friends kept asking for the game and telling their friends how fun it was, so they wanted one too. Everyone enjoyed pretending to be rich for a few hours.

Eventually, Charles offered to sell his game to the Parker Brothers Company. But they came up with fifty-two reasons why the game wouldn’t sell. So he hired a printer and made five thousand copies of Monopoly. When these all sold, Parker Brothers changed their mind and bought the rights to Monopoly. Since The Landlord’s game inspired Charles, Parker Brothers bought the rights to that game too. Then the company was free to make and sell copies of Monopoly, and Charles Darrow became rich.

People have played Monopoly in an elevator, in a tree house, under water, on a balance team, and on a fire truck. One company made a $600 chocolate Monopoly game with edible, raspberry-flavored money. During the Second World War, Monopoly sets were sent to prisoners of war to foreign jails. These games contained real maps showing how to escape, real money, and miniature compasses. Once in a college town, a whole block of streets was closed off and students played a life-sized Monopoly game. Bike riders with their mobile phones told the players about each other’s moves, and big foam-rubber dice were thrown from the third floor of a building. 


1. walked dogs

2. handmade

3. board

4. wood

5. buttons

6. (whole) day

7. printer

8. mind

9. tree house

10. flavored money

11. prisoners

12. escape

13. life-sized

14. moves

15. dice

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