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Ebből a szöveges, videós összeállításból megtudhatod, hogyan kell profin meghívót írni angolul. 

How to write an invitation

An invitation can speak volumes about the occasion itself – make sure your invites send the right message before they go in the mail. A professional invite can be more encouraging to the invitee, even if they don’t want to attend.

Before you write an invitation, decide on the tone, voice and level of formality, based on the event itself. This will dictate whether you hand-write the cards or have them printed, and whether you choose a pre-printed or personalized invitation.

Choose the type of invite you want, and order or buy a few more than you think you’ll need. This will permit you to add some guests to your list at the last minute, if necessary. For small parties, you may want to hand-write the invitations on stationery or blank cards. For large gatherings, consider ordering printed invitations.

Determine the wording of your invite based on the level of formality. For example, a formal invitation might say, ‘Dr. and Mrs. Stanley request the pleasure of your company,’ whereas a more casual note might say, ‘Please join us.’

Include the names of the host and/or hostess, as well as the place (with street address), time, date and purpose of the occasion, even if it’s a simple get-together.

Make sure to add RSVP information at the bottom of the invite if you need to know who will be attending; for example, ‘RSVP’ followed by your telephone number.

Include a respond-by date on a formal invitation so you can get an accurate head count in time to adjust the amount of food, number of place settings and room size. For a wedding, charity function or other formal event, consider including a response card and a stamped, self-addressed envelope inside the envelope containing your invite.

Mail invitations three weeks before most events, four weeks before a formal affair and three months before a wedding, to allow for airline reservations. For events held during the December holidays, send invitations around Thanksgiving.

to speak volumes – sokat elárul (valami valamiről)
invite – meghívás, meghívó
to encourage – bátorítani
invitee – meghívott
to attend – részt venni
tone – tonus, hangnem
formality – formalitás
to be based on – valamin alapulni
event – esemény
to dictate – diktál
to have something printed – kinyomtattatni valamit
pre-printed – előre kinyomtatott
personalized – személyre szóló
to permit somebody to do something – lehetővé tenni valaki számára valamit
stationary – papíráru
blank – üres
gathering – összejövetel
to consider – számításba vesz
to determine – meghatároz
casual – hétköznapi, laza
to include – mellékelni
host – házigazda
hostess – háziasszony
purpose – célja valaminek
occasion – alkalom
accurate – pontos
to adjust – igazítani
stamped – lebélyegzett
self-addressed – saját címre megcímzett boríték
airline reservation – repülőjegy foglalás

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