Dumaszínház angolul: Drakula lívsz on a hilltop níör the Teszkó : )

Felméri Péter vicces stand-upja angolul Drakuláról.

Hello again! So you’re back! We’re back. Somebody here is funnier than we are.  That’s good, that’s good. I like when people are having fun. Are we ready for the second act?  They are, you are. Are we all ready for a  second act? Hungarian people, this is your act. He’s going to do it in English. Not many times he’s giving it in English, so be gentle to him. And if I say gentle, I mean gentle. So, a big-big applause for Peter Felmeri.

Hello everybody. Nice evening. So, I don’t speak English but you understand me. This is mind control. this is. Yes,okay, yes. So,my name is Péter, but you can call me Peter.  If you like, no problem. Listen,  I is very funny. No problem. So I started learning English, and now I am in my lesson two. Lesson 2 is „The umbrella is on the table and the cat is under the table”.  this  very stupid. You cannot go to meet girls „Hi girl I like you , the umbrella is on  the table.” So it’s not working. So , okay, yes. Listen I’m very funny. Where are the tourists. Any tourists? Raise your hands, because I don’t read minds. So no tourists? Where are the non-Hungarians? You are, yes.  Lots of non-Hungarians. You understand what I say?  Okay, no problem. Where are you from? Canada! Ok, now you scared me. Who was it? Very nice country, Canada. Never been there, but yes, very nice. Don’t hit me! So, yes. I’m tourist, also, because actually I’m not from Hungary, I’m from Romania. What the problem? You not like me. ok. So, actually I’m from Transylvania, which is in Romania right now. History lessons number one. I come from Transylvania, very nice place … but also very ugly, because we have the Dracula. It is not good to live in a country with Dracula. You go outside in the dark, he comes, bites you in the neck, you dead. So, it’s not good, because, imagine you wake up in the morning. Sun is shining, everything all right. You are happy, go to work, tralla lalla la. You start working, very nice, but the problem comes, you have to stay there till late. When you go home, already dark outside. No more trallala going home. It is scary, because Dracula comes at night, bites you in the neck, then you transform into a vampire. Than villagers come after you with forks and holy water, and they try to kill you, so . It is not a good way to end the day. You want to know more about vampires? Ugly, ugly creatures vampires. Dracula lives in the city where I live, on a hilltop near the Tesco. You have to know about the vampires, that they are like bats but bigger like a man, so batman, big. And just like bats, the orientate themselves by sound. So, just to listening to an iPod the are like travelling. When the new Jay Z album comes “Oh, a new place”. So vampires are stupid.

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