Interesting gadgets for Summer

Nézzük, milyen kütyüket érdemes beszerezni erre a nyárra! 


A company has created a solution for commuters who are fed-up with public transport: a self-propelled briefcase they can actually ride. Commute-Case is a fully-fledged electric scooter than can fold up and become an everyday briefcase, giving city workers an extra boost on their way to work.

Green Energy Motors say the Commute-Case will travel for 25 miles per charge, but if it runs out of juice the user has to simply press a button to fold it back up and charge it up via a standard AC outlet in either five minutes for a quick boost, or a full hour for a full refuel.

The case itself is available in eight different colours, ranging from an eye catching hot pink to a cool blue, and even gold or silver, but despite its transforming powers, it does weigh a hefty 12kg, meaning the Commute-Case will give you a workout when carrying it.

commuter – ingázó
to be fed up with – valakiből elege van
self-propelled – önhajtós
briefcase – aktatáska
fully-fledged – érett, teljesen elkészült
boost – löket, lökés, fellendülés
charge – feltöltés
to run out of – kifogyni valamiből
to fold up – összehajtani
via – valami által
AC outlet – konektor
full refuel – teljes feltöltés
available – elérhető, megszerezhető
workout – edzés

Metal detecting sandals

Ever wanted to comb the beach for metal treasures? Well now you can with this very subtle metal detector that’s in a sandal! These are the sandals that can detect metal while you walk, allowing you to find buried artefacts while strolling the beach. A copper coil built into the right sandal is powered via a battery pack that straps to your calf. Using beat frequency oscillation technology, the ring creates a magnetic field; when a metal object is underfoot it distorts the field and the battery pack alerts you to the presence of metal using a flashing red light and either a gentle vibration or a clearly audible buzz.

to comb – átfésülni
treasure – kincs
subtle – finom, érzékeny
to allow somebody to – valakinek lehetővé tesz valamit
artefact – tárgyi lelet
to stroll – sétálni, kószálni
copper coil – réz orsó
to be powered via – valami által működtetett
battery – elem, akkumulátor
magnetic field – mágneses mező
to distort – eltorzítani. elferdíteni
to alert – figyelmeztetni
flashing – villogó
clearly audible – tisztán hallható


Are you one of those people who uses their iPad for everything? What about making sure your meat is grilled to the optimum temperature for human consumption? This Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer comes with an associated app that syncs up wirelessly to your iOS device to make sure that your meat is cooked right.

iGrill 2 lets you keep a tab on your food temperature from up to 150 feet away. The device’s magnetic mounting means you can easily attach it to a grill, while you can monitor everything on the accompanying app. It also comes with a timer, a bevy of alerts, a smoker option and a colorful chart chronicling the history of BBQ.

optimum temperature – optimális hőmérséklet
human consumption – emberi fogyasztás
… enabled – …képes
thermometer – hőmérő
associated – itt: kapcsolódó
wirelessly – vezeték nélküli módon
device – eszköz
to make sure – meggyőződni valamiről
to keep a tab on – folyamatosan figyelni valamit
magnetic mounting – mágneses talpazat
to attach – hozzáilleszteni, feltenni
a bevy – of egy rakás …


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