The Journey of Milk from Cow to Nestle’s KitKat

Gergő | 2014. 10. 21.

A tehéntől a csokiig… avagy hogyan készül mindenki kedvence, a KitKat 🙂 

The Journey of Milk from Cow to Nestle’s KitKat

Most of Nestle’s UK milk chocolate is made using Scottish milk. It is used in over a billion KitKat bars a year plus Aero, Quality Street, Yorkie, Toffee Crisp, Rolo, Blue Riband, Breakaway and most of our Easter eggs.

The milk journey starts at our Girvan factory on the West Coast of Scotland and ends in York, possibly one of the largest confectionery sites in the World, where the chocolate is used on-site or distributed to our other UK sites. Follow this journey from Cow to KitKat.

Watch the video and answer the questions!





gyár, üzem


cukrászat, édességüzem

to use on-site

helyben felhasználni

to distribute

kiosztani, forgalmazni

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