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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lollipops

Being served on a stick may be a new thing for some foods like pickles and cake, but for the lollipop it’s been that way the beginning.

Here are 10 fabulous facts about the classic candy.

Number 10. The world’s largest lollipop was made in 2012. The confectioner behind the job was See’s Candies of California, and their creation weighed over 7 thousand pounds. It was chocolate-flavored.

Number 9. The first high-production machine was invented in 1908. A manufacturer in a Racine, Wisconsin was asked to build something that could make a lot of lollipops in a short time. They came up with one that could push out 40 in a single minute.

Number 8. The term lollipop used to mean other things. The first known use was in the mid 1780s. Charles Dickens used it to refer to stick-less candies. At another time it a different place it’s what they called sweetmeat on a stick.

Number 7. The Chupa Chup label was designed by Salvador Dali. He and the guy who invented the popular candies were friends. It’s reported that there was also money involved, which Dali was rumored to not typically turn down.

Number 6. Dum Dum’s mystery flavor is a pretty simple recipe. They’re created as one flavor batch is running out and the next one is beginning, whatever those two may be.

Number 5. Some are made for adults. The candy company Lollyphile produces a variety of beer flavored ones. For fans of the grape, they also offer merlot, chardonnay, and cabernet.

Number 4. On request they can come laden with viruses. In 2011 it was reported that moms across the country were ordering lollipops that had been licked by kids infected with chicken pox The goal was to introduce the virus to their own children in hopes of building immunity and avoiding vaccinations.

Number 3. George Smith was the first to really run with the idea. He saw a West Haven, Connecticut sweets maker put a caramel and chocolate confection on a stick and an idea came to him. He began to manufacture a hard candy version and named it the Lolly Pop.

Number 2. It’s easier than ever to sneak a lollipop into class. A team of designers created a pencil/candy hybrid. Instead of a boring, flavorless eraser the writing tool is topped with a delicious twist of candy.

Number 1. There’s a line specifically for insect lovers. Hotlix, a snack manufacturer that specializes in earthier nibbles, sells a variety of lollipops that contain bugs. Options include scorpions, ants, worms and crickets.

source: Geobeats


to be served on a stick pálcikán kínált
pickles savanyúság
lollipop nyalóka
fabulous mesés
confectioner cukrász
chocolate-flavored  csokoládé ízű
to invent  feltalálni
manufacturer  gyártó
sweetmeat  édesség
to be rumored to  a pletykák szerint
batch adag
candy company  édességgyártó
laden  megrakott, megterhelt  
vaccination  oltás
confection  édesség
hard candy keménycukorka
to sneak something into  becsempészni valamit valahova
eraser radír
writing tool  íróeszköz
insect  rovar
nibbles falatok
worm  kukac, giliszta
cricket tücsök

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