(Karácsonyi) csodák pedig vannak … ennél a légitársaságnál biztosan:)


Egy légitársaság kiderítette, mi az utasok szíve vágya ... azt hiszem jövőre én is WestJettel fogok repülni:)

WestJet Airlines surprises passengers with gifts after they touch down from flights 

Christmas miracle or sickly sweet PR stunt? Either way, it’s unlikely these WestJet passengers care after they had their wildest holiday wishes granted during a flight across Canada. Travelers arriving at Toronto Pearson and John C. Munro Hamilton International Airports for flights to Calgary were surprised when a virtual Santa Claus asked what they wanted for Christmas.

 A promo video sees a variety of passengers telling Father Christmas their dream gift. With their wishes made, the footage shows them merrily taking their place on the aircrafts. As they relax onboard, the video then flicks to behind-the-scenes shots of WestJet elves rushing out to buy the wished-for gifts. When the flyers touch down in Calgary, they mill around the seasonally decorated baggage claim hall — and are shocked when their presents, instead of suitcases, arrive on the carousel. A boy gets super excited as he unwraps a brand new Android tablet, while a family can’t stop grinning as they open up a big-screen TV. One man clearly wishes he had asked for more, however, when he opens up a small package containing just socks and underwear.

 Some have claimed the "Christmas Miracle" campaign is just a cynical marketing stunt.
But WestJet spokesman Richard Bartrem defended the project"This year, we wanted to turn our holiday campaign into a tradition by doing something that’s never been done before," he said. "We wanted to surprise our guests with meaningfulpersonalized gifts when they least expected them," he told Fox News. "Being able to show our guests how much we care with gift-giving, a tried and true holiday tradition, resonates with WestJetters as much as our guests," he added. Airline bosses also promised to donate flights to families in need through the Ronald McDonald House Charities if 200,000 people watched the video. So far, the clip has been seen more than 6 million times.

source: www.nydailynews.com

miracle – csoda
PR = Public Relations
stunt trükk
unlikely – valószínűtlen
to grant a wish – kívánságot teljesíteni
promo video – reklám videó
onboard –  a repülőn, a fedélzeten
behind-the-scenes – a színfalak mögött
to mill around – ténferegni
baggage claim – poggyászkiadó
instead of – valami helyett
brand new – vadiúj
to grin – vigyorogni
to defend – védeni
meaningful – értelmes
personalized – személyre szóló
tried and true – jólbevált
to resonate with – jól viszonyul valamihez, tetszik neki
to donate – adományozni
families in need – szükséget szenvedő családok

True or false?

1. The airline made a promotional video with actors.

2. The airline found out about people’s wishes through a virtual Santa terminal.

3. The gifts were bought while the passengers were on the plane.

4. The passengers knew in advance what would happen.

5. Some people believe the airline only used this trick for marketing purposes.

answers: 1-F 2-T 3-T 4-F 5-T

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