Australian man sets new world record with highest-ever number of lights on Xmas tree


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Australian Family broke Guinness World Record for Christmas light display with 518,838 flickering bulbs (but some of the neighbours have stopped speaking to them)

Father-of-three David Richards, from Canberra, Australia first won the title in 2011 with 331,038 lights. However, he was beaten by a family from New York who installed 346,283 – but Mr Richards vowed to regain the title. His family officially broke the record with 502,165 lights in 2014 much to the annoyance of his neighbours.

The sight attracted neighbours from miles around – although not all of them are impressed. Some have not spoken to the family since 2011. Mr Richards, who lives in the suburb of Forrest with his wife Janean, son Aidan and daughters Caitlin, and Madelyn, insisted most neighbours supported the display. He added: ‘I have always loved Christmas. Having the Christmas lights with the community coming in and sharing it is a time when you get to know people you probably should know better, I guess.’

Guinness World Records confirmed the family’s charity feat had officially the most Christmas lights on a residential property. The twinkling bulbs cost about £1,400 to run for a month – but the sum had been donated by a local power company.

The stunt is open to the public, and hundreds of people have already visited and posted videos on Youtube. It raises funds for children’s charities. Up to 70,000 people visited the light show when he put it on in 2011 and it raised £44,000 for charity.

The lights took a lot of time to put up but Mr Richards did not have to count them all himself – instead delivery records and invoices were used to certify the total. However, he said he will need a generator if he puts up any more lights.

He broke the world record for the most lights on an artificial Christmas tree for the third time in November 2015. The Christmas tree is 22 metres high and is covered in 518,838 LED lights, with 1.6 kilometres of plastic fir and is topped with a 1.5 metre star.

Mr Richards started working on it in December last year to build the dazzling display with the help of volunteers in order to raise money for families affected by sudden infant death syndrome.

Match the words with the definitions.

1. invoice

a) to collect money for a special purpose

2. to support

b) to make a solemn promise

3. to vow

c) a group of people living in the same locality

4. to raise funds

d) a list containing the cost of the things you bought

5. community

e) to help someone achieve something


1. d.

2. e.

3. b.

4. a.

5. c.



to vow – megesküdni

to regain – visszaszerezni

to break a record – megdönteni egy rekordot

annoyance – bosszúság

to attract – vonzani

although – habár

to be impressed – le van nyűgözve

to insist – ragaszkodik valamihez

to support – támogatni

community – közösség

to guess – hinni, kitalálni

charity feat – jótékony tett

residential property – lakóingatlan

bulb – izzó

to donate – adományozni

open to the public – nyitva a nagyközönség előtt

to raise funds – anyagi támogatást szerezni

instead – helyett

invoice – számla

generator – áramfejlesztő, generátor

dazzling – vakító, kápráztató

sudden infant death syndrome – bölcsőhalál

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