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Kockacukorból épített metropolisz - megkóstolnád? 

5000 people build giant sugar metropolis

Here is an art piece for those with taste, albeit those with a sweet tooth. Over 5,000 people from all over the world have spent the past 5 weeks building a ‘Sugar Metropolis’ at the Ulster Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The sugary city of the future was finally completed on Sunday (17 Nov) under guidance of sculptor Brendan Jamison, who worked with sculptor Mark Revels and a team of assistants. The giant collaborative artwork, the largest ever created in Northern Ireland, has been completed as part of the 132nd Royal Ulster Academy of Arts Annual Exhibition on the top floor of the Ulster Museum.

Jamison states "it has been a wonderful experience meeting people from all across the globe who came to the museum and played a key role in the construction of this sculpture installation. We trained visitors on how to build with the sugar cubes and asked them to construct anything from their imagination, with a focus on what they would like to see in a city of the future. It has been fascinating to watch so many different styles of architecture develop over the 5 weeks of construction. The result is a very democratic approach to art and successfully embraces multiculturalism.

"In the end, the project has demonstrated the power of collaboration in art, with thousands of creative minds working together in the realization of a sculpture beyond any one person’s singular vision. It belongs to everyone who came along to build it, across the entire spectrum of life, from young children to pensioners; the energy in the gallery has been amazing."

taste ízlés
albeit – habár
to have a sweet tooth – szeretni az édességet
to complete – befejezni
under the guidance of – valaki vezetésével
sculptor – szobrász
collaborative – együttműködéses
the globe – a földgolyó, világ
key role – kulcsszerep
to train – képezni, oktatni
sugar cube – kockacukor
imagination – fantázia
future – jövő
fascinating – magával ragadó
architecture – építészet
approach – megközelítés
to embrace – megölelni, felölelni
to demonstrate – bemutatni
realization – megvalósítás
beyond – valamin túl
to belong to someone – valakihez tartozik
pensioner – nyugdíjas

Find the right endings.

1. This is the largest collaborative

a) participated in the project.

2. The buildings represent how

b) from young children to pensioners.

3. Over 5000 people

c) artwork created in Northern Ireland.

4. Everyone could take part,

d) by 2 sculptors.

5. The building was supervised

e) people imagine future cities.


1-c 2-e 3-a 4-b 5-d

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