Egy bundás jóbarátot? Örökbefogadható kutyák az Ikeában :)


Már több bolt csatlakozott a kezdeményezéshez.

Ikea Advertises Adoptable Dogs in Stores, Because Every Home Needs A Rescue Pup

Furniture might help make a living space comfortable, but nothing makes a house a home like a furry best friend. With that in mind, some Ikea stores are now featuring cardboard cutouts of adoptable dogs in their showrooms amid the furniture. The cutouts have tags on them with QR codes that shoppers can scan to learn more about the individual dogs.

The idea to display the pets inside the store started in Singapore as a collaboration between Ikea and two animal shelters. Together they formed the project Home for Hope. Now, an Ikea store in Tempe, Arizona, is joining in on the innovative plan to find homes for rescue animals.

"We thought it was a perfect way to show people what their home would look like with a pet in it," said Becky Blaine, Ikea Tempe’s marketing director. All of the six animals featured in cutouts at the store in Tempe have now been adopted from the Arizona Humane Society, and more cutouts will be exhibited in the store at the end of the month, according to the outlet. At least eight pups have been adopted in Singapore so far, according to the Home for Hope website.


living space – lakótér, élettér
furry – bundás
with that in mind – ezt szem előtt tartva
to feature – bemutatni
cardboard cutout – kartonból kivágott alak
adoptable – örökbefogadható
tag – címke, cédula
to scan – leolvasni
to learn more about – többet megtudni valamiről
to display – bemutatni
animal shelter – állatmenhely
innovative – újító, innovatív
rescue animal – menhelyen lévő állat
according to – szerint
at least – legalább

Fill in the gaps with the right words. There is one extra.

at least


to scan

to learn more about


animal shelter

1. I can’t find the price ……………….. on these trousers. Can you help me?

2. My aunt was too ill to keep her dogs and had to send them to an ……………….. .

3. I’d like a budgie but I have to ……………….. them before I buy one.

4. You need to ……………….. the bar code on the ticket to open the door.

5. There were ……………….. 20,000 people at the match.

answers: 1-tag 2-animal shelter 3-learn more about 4-scan 5-at least

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