EURO 2020: Hungary – France 1 -1

Hogyan tudósított a BBC a tegnapi magyar-francia meccsről? Éljük át újra a nagyszerű pillanatokat és ismerkedjünk meg érdekes angol kifejezésekkel! 

It’s a DRAW against the world champion!

Hungary-France 1-1

Goals: Fiola (HU), Griezmann (FR)

There are moments we like to relive and savour again – like the Hungarian national football team drawing against France, the ruling world champions. Let’s just look at how others, the people at the BBC website – commentators, famous former football players and fans – saw that.

Hungary have caused the shock of Euro2020 so far, thanks to this goal from Attila Fiola!

Attila Fiola was that little bit of spark that Hungary had. The composure at the end of his run to keep his cool when all the fans are in and he knows what it means, that was sensational.

Whatever happens now, Hungary fans will always have the moment Fiola – a 31-year-old who has never played for a club outside his country – stunned the world champions.

The goal was met by one of the loudest celebrations football has heard since March 2020 – or even before then – as the Puskas Arena went wild.

It was made even more impressive considering they lost their captain Adam Szalai to injury midway through the first half on a day where temperatures hit 30C, necessitating a drinks break in each half. The world champions are trailing. Hungary fans are going bonkers!

Hungary lost their best player before the tournament, lost the captain in the first half and they’ve stuck on in there somehow.

The equaliser has done little to dampen the enthusiasm of the fans. They’re still roaring Hungary on. Magnificent support.

The Hungarian fans are so happy with their team at the moment. The atmosphere is incredible. They are singing, the scarves are up there. They are really backing their side. Anything positive they are cheering it.

It’s brilliant to see a football ground packed to the rafters. They certainly know how to create an atmosphere in Budapest.

There are thousands of fans bouncing up and down on the spot. They’re having the time of their lives.

Hungary’s fans have been like a 12th man for the hosts.

Crowd support is so important. Hungary’s fans are lifting the team when they need it.

That was a gutsy performance by Hungary. The final whistle is greeted with a standing ovation by the home fans.

Budapest is going to be rocking tonight.

Well done Hungary. The point is well deserved.

Brilliant game! Two very good sides that worked hard. The hard work of Hungary, the way they went forward and got back with pace, they deserved the draw.

Excellent, excellent play from Hungary. They have had each other’s backs, they’ve worked hard.

60,000 fans here and you could tell Hungary were lifted by the fans. They had something to hang on to and boy, did they do that. They showed a great attitude and they were a threat as well.

It just shows you how important mindset and desire can be in football. I doubt a single one of the Hungarian players would get in the French team but here they are going toe to toe with the world champions.

You’ve got to love it. The passion, the togetherness that Hungary have shown today. They really dug deep to get that result. Their fans are hugely proud of them.

Football is bringing joy. After this year and a half of the pandemic, this atmosphere was amazing for football.

source: from the BBC compiled by István Dezsényi, Photo by Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI, Photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI)

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to savour ízlelgetni, élvezni
to draw döntetlent elérni
former korábbi
spark szikra
composure nyugalom, összeszedettség
to stun megdöbbenteni
to trail hátrányban lenni
to go bonkers megőrülni
to dampen lehűteni
enthusiasm lelkesedés
to roar on hangosan buzdítani
support szurkolás
packed to rafters zsúfolásig telt
to bounce ugrálni
hosts házigazdák
gutsy bátor, derekas
to rock zajosan ünnepelni
deserved megérdemelt
pace tempó
to have each other’s back támogatni egymást
threat veszély, fenyegetés
mindset gondolkodás
desire akarás, elszántság
to go toe to toe felvenni a versenyt, állni a sarat
to dig deep beleadni mindent


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