Facebookon keresztül mentették meg az életét


A Himalájában balesetet szenvedett hegymászó így kért és kapott segítséget. 

Facebook saved my life: Climber rescued from 25m crevasse after posting ‘help’ status update

As status updates go, it certainly beats complaints about the weather.

A geography professor told Facebook friends he had plunged through the crevasse of a Himalayan glacier at 6,000m – and pleaded to be rescued. Prof John All posted the news on the page of the American Climber Science Program after falling 25m into the ravine. The 44-year-old dislocated a shoulder and broke five ribs, a knee and an elbow.

The rest of his team had turned back earlier and so the professor figured that the social network offered the best chance of discovery. ‘Please call Global Rescue. John broken arm, ribs, internal bleeding. Himlung camp 2. Please hurry,’ he wrote.

The fall was broken by a narrow ledge, and his Facebook friends could watch video of the injured climber perched precariously over an even deeper abyss. Shocked members of the group alerted rescuers and assured the professor that help was on the way. However, they had bad news for him, and he posted: ‘Rescue can’t find a helicopter so I’ll try to survive tonight. So cold. Pain meds running low. Longest night ever.’

Prof All was pinpointed when the weather cleared, 19 hours after his fall, and taken to hospital in Kathmandu. Speaking from the Nepalese capital, he said: ‘I was near death and didn’t have much room for reaction beyond a deep relief. I didn’t work so damn hard to get out of the crevasse just to die near my tent.’

source: www.metro.co.uk

status update – állapotfrissítés
complaint – panasz, panaszkodás
to plunge – zuhanni
crevasse – gleccserszakadék
glacier – gleccser
to plead – kérni, könyörögni
to dislocate – kificamít
to figure – úgy gondolja, hogy
internal bleeding – belső vérzés
narrow ledge – keskeny párkány
perched – kuporgó
abyss – mélység
to alert – riasztani
to run low – fogytán van
to pinpoint – meghatározni a helyét
relief – megkönnyebbülés

Match the words with the definitions.

1. relief

a) to displace a bone from its normal position

2. to figure

b) to fall or throw oneself

3. to plunge

c) a feeling of optimism following anxiety or pain

4. to dislocate

d) a slowly moving mass of ice on a mountain

5. glacier

e) to conclude, believe or predict

answers: 1-c 2-e 3-b 4-a 5-d

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