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"Teljesíteni fogok, és el fogom érni a csúcspont pozíciót" ígéri az Indiai szerelő s "spyke"-on:)

‘I will perform and reach the climax position’ – is this the worst job interview of all time?

Rakesh Mahanti, from Jharsugudha in India, had an interview on Skype for a Network Engineer role in Oman – and the language barrier is evident. Both Rakesh and his female interviewer speak in English throughout the video, during which Rakesh addresses her as ‘Sir’.

Despite professing to be ‘technology mad’, Rakesh admits that this was his first time on what he calls ‘Spyke’. As if to further cement his status as a technology expert, he tells his interviewer: ‘I am putting my screwdriver everywhere and seeing what is happening.’ And as for his career ambitions, he says: ‘Sir, I will have a fruity career in your steamy company. I will perform and reach the climax position.’ But Rakesh also has a pretty impressive work-life balance, telling his prospective employer: ‘In my spare time, I chat to girls on Facebook and collect (Indian sweet) pan masala wrappers.’

Many of those who have seen the video, which dates back to 2012, say it could be fake, but either way, it serves a pretty comprehensive guide to what not to do in a job interview.

source: www.metro.co.uk

Network Engineer hálózat-szerelő
language barrier – nyelvi akadály
evident – nyilvánvaló
to address somebody – valakit valahogy szólítani
despite – valami ellenére
to admit – beismerni
to cement – megszilárdítani
expert – szakértő
screwdriver – csavarhúzó
fruity career – gyümölcsös karrier (fruitful – gyümölcsöző)
steamy company – gőzös vállalat (esteemed – nagyra becsült, tisztelt)
climax position – csúcspont pozíció
work-life balance – munka és magánélet egyensúlya
prospective – leendő
wrapper – csomagolás
fake – hamisítvány
comprehensive guide to – átfogó útmutató valamihez 

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Match the words with the definitions.

1. screwdriver

a) to confess or acknowledge (a mistake, a crime, etc.)

2. fake

b) something that offers basic information and/or instructions

3. evident

c) a tool used for turning screws

4. to admit

d) not real, pretended, sham

5. guide to something

e) easily seen or understood

answers: 1-c 2-d 3-e 4-a 5-b


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