Igazi vendégmarasztaló pub


Hogy ne autózzanak ittasan a vendégek az ünnepek alatt.

Worcestershire pub offers overnight camping to boozy customers


Boozy regulars at an accommodating country pub can now sleep off their hangovers in a pop-up ‘drunk tank’.

Worse for wear drinkers at the Drum and Monkey in Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, can stumble into the beer garden where eight large tents have been erected. There is enough space to sleep up to 19 bleary-eyed punters on the mini campsite, where customers can take advantage of luxury sleeping bags, foam mattresses and toilet facilities.

Landlady Lizzie Jennings, 54, came up with the idea along with tent maker Daniel Walton, 37, to stop punters from driving home after a few too many over the Christmas period. ‘We want people to come and have a good night and this way they can stop for an extra glass of wine if they want to,’ Ms Jennings explained. ‘We are cut off a little bit from public transport here so we hope this can deter people from getting in their cars after a few too many and keep themselves and others from harm.’

In the morning customers can even get a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea to sober them up before they are sent on their way. Punter Craig Walker, 30, added: ‘It’s like going camping with your mates except you don’t have as far to stumble back to your tent in the dark after you’ve had a few – it’s brilliant.’ Customers can stay at the pub for free between December 3 and January 1.

source: www.metro.co.uk

boozy piás
regular – törzsvendég
hangover – másnaposság
worse for wear – kicsit elhasználódott
to stumble – botorkálni
punter – vendég, vásárló, vevő (informal)
to take advantage of – kihasználni valamit
sleeping bag – hálózsák
mattress – matrac
landlady – tulajdonos (nő)
to come up with an idea – előállni egy ötlettel
a few too many – több a kelleténél
to be cut off – elszigetelt
public transport – tömegközlekedés
to deter someone from – elriaszt valakit valamitől
harm – baj, sérülés
to sober up – kijózanodni
mate – haver
except – kivéve
for free – ingyen

Find the right ending.

1. I went camping but

a) my mates tonight.

2. I would go to the concert

b) because there’s no public transport.

3. I’m going out with

c) I left my sleeping bag behind.

4. It is difficult to get to my friend’s house

d) except the one for my dad.

5. I’ve bought all the Christmas presents

e) if she gave me the ticket for free.

answers: 1-c 2-e 3-a 4-b 5-d

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