Lisa Marie Presley dies at age 54

Lisa Marie Presley életéért hiába küzdöttek az orvosok, január 12-én meghalt. Elvis Presley lánya 54 éves volt. A hírt megnézheted és elolvashatod itt angolul (szószedettel), és néhány nagyon fontos szót is megtanulhatsz. 

A really a sad breaking news to report here: the Associated Press is now reporting that Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley’s only daughter, has died at age 54. Her mother, Priscilla Presley, confirmed the news to the Associated Press after just a few hours ago, asking for prayers for her daughter. Lisa Marie apparently went into some sort of cardiac arrest earlier today. They tried to revive her, but it ultimately was not enough.

Apparently, she was found in her bedroom unresponsive by a housekeeper. Her ex-husband got home because they were living together again, after taking the kids to school. TMZ says that he performed CPR until paramedics arrived … and we have this terrible update here and thinking of Priscilla Presley, because Lisa Marie is only 54 years old.

Hey, we just showed you some video of her, on Extra, from just yesterday. She was at the Golden Globes over the weekend, Austin Butler was one of the big winners, who plays her father in Elvis. He thanked her. Billy Bush had this conversation with her, thought at the time something seemed a little off with her. Billy is going to join us in about 15 minutes on the Fox 11 News.

Priscilla Presley did release a statement, saying „She was the most passionate strong and loving woman I have ever known.” Can you imagine the heartbreak of a mother to lose a child, and Lisa Marie Presley has four children of her own, one of them did die from suicide, but she has her children, too and they must be grieving so terribly this morning.

source: Youtube, Fox News


to confirm megerősíteni (pl. hírt)
prayer ima
to go into cardiac arrest szívrohamot kapni
to revive újraéleszteni
ultimately végül
unresponsive nem reagál semmire
housekeeper házvezetőnő
to perform CPR újraélesztést végezni
CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) újraélesztés
paramedics mentősök
update frissítés, friss hír
conversation beszélgetés
to seem a little off with úgy tűnt, hogy nincs valami rendben vele
statement nyilatkozat
heartbreak szívfájdalom
suicide öngyilkosság
to grieve gyászolni

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