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A tokiói olimpián aranyérmet nyert Kozák Danuta, Csipes Tamara, Kárász Anna és Bodonyi Dóra női kajak négyes, nem várt nagy fölénnyel.  Kovács Sarolta bronzérmet szerzett a női öttusázók versenyében. A férfi karatésok 75 kilogrammos súlycsoportjában Hárspataki Gábor – az olimpián most debütáló sportág egyetlen magyar indulójaként – bronzérmet nyert. A magyar női vízilabda-válogatott is történelmet írt, mert sikerült bronzérmet szereznie a tokiói olimpián. Gratulálunk nekik!

Hárspataki Claims Bronze in Men’s 75kg Kumite

Hungarian karateka Gábor Hárspataki won the bronze medal in men’s 75kg kumite karate at the Tokyo Olympics. The sport was included in the Olympic program for the very first time.

The Hungarian athlete already showed excellent performances in the group phase. Although he was defeated by his second opponent (who even broke Hárspataki’s nose in that match), the Hungarian karateka won his group.

The first place in the group also meant that he would definitely win a medal.

Before the semi-finals, he declared with high confidence that “No matter who comes, I’m going to smash him!”

Unfortunately, his next opponent was the biggest favorite of the tournament, five-time world and one-time European champion, Rafael Aghayev of Azerbaijan, who defeated the Hungarian 7-0.

“Unfortunately, my opponent took all his chances and I think once the judges misjudged an action,” the bronze medalist said after the semi-final to sports channel M4.

“I’m proud to be on the podium, I’m very happy, but this is not how I planned my last match to turn out. I would like to thank everyone for their support”

Although as the race progressed, he set higher goals for himself, Hárspataki’s bronze medal is a tremendous achievement for both him and Hungarian karate.

Sarolta Kovács Bags Bronze Medal for Hungary in Women’s Modern Pentathlon

Sarolta Kovács finished third in women’s modern pentathlon at the Tokyo Olympics, winning Hungary’s first medal in the sport in the women’s division since 2004 when Zsuzsanna Vörös claimed the gold.

Kovács’s past few months preceding the Olympics were nightmarish. She underwent a routine surgery in March, but some weeks after her knee operation she could not use her left leg. The doctors discovered that she had thrombosis. It turned out that she was supposed to be on blood thinners, but the doctors didn’t prescribe them for her. The athlete’s condition was so serious that it looked like she would miss the Olympics. But Dr. Béla Merkely and his team managed to fix her leg in time for her to participate in the Olympics.

In Tokyo, the first event of the competition- fencing (one-touch épée)- went very well for Kovács, as well as for the other Hungarian individual competitor, Michelle Gulyás. On Thursday, they finished in a tie for sixth place. The other events took place on Friday.

The second day also looked quite promising for the Hungarians as Sarolta Kovács swam the fourth best time and Michelle Gulyás the second best in 200m freestyle swimming. The bonus fencing round was less successful, but the two Hungarian competitors were still in 6th and 7th place. Then came the equestrian show jumping event. For Michelle Gulyás, it ended disappointingly due to mistakes made by her horse, but Sarolta Kovács came in third overall.

In the final event, the combined event of pistol shooting and cross country running (3200 m), the shooting went very well for Kovács, but she was overtaken in the run by Laura Asadauskaite from Lithuania. Ultimately, Sarolta Kovács finished third.

“I’m still shivering. I don’t know what to say, it feels really good. In the last lap the others came very fast, but I managed to keep third place. The shooting went well, which is the result of mental training. A lot of bad things happened to me this year, but I managed to prepare well,” she told M4 sports channel after the race.

The other Hungarian competitor, Michelle Gulyás, finished in 12th place.

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Hungary power to third consecutive women’s kayak four 500m Olympic title

Hungary team of Danuta Kozak, Tamara Csipes, Anna Karasz, Dora Bodonyi put in a dominant performance to win the women’s kayak four 500m gold in Tokyo; Lisa Carrington misses out on fourth medal of Games.

The team of Danuta Kozak, Tamara Csipes, Anna Karasz, Dora Bodonyi powered away from the rest of the field to cross the line in one minute and 35.463 seconds.

The win gave Hungary their third consecutive gold medal in the canoe event.

Belarus, who were 0.610 seconds behind, took home the silver.

Poland clinched the bronze in 1:36.445.

“It was tough because we were a little bit worried after the semis,” said Tamara Csipes on winning the race, “but we calmed down and did our best ever (time).”

Belarus got the best start of the race and had a slight edge over Hungary at the halfway mark.

The Hungary kayakers put in a push for the line and powered forward to finish a quarter of a kayak length ahead of their rivals.

Hungary have a medal streak in the women’s kayak four 500m event that dates back to the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

Before Tokyo, they had won silver in Sydney, Athens and Beijing, before upgrading to gold in London and Rio. They had also won silver at Seoul in 1988 and gold in Barcelona 1992.

source (article;video, picture):, Tokyo 2020; Canoe/Kayak Sprint Women’s Kayak Four 500m, Final Highlights, Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020, Eurosport, Youtube

Water polo-U.S. women crush Spain to win third successive gold

TOKYO, Aug 7 (Reuters) – The United States crushed Spain 14-5 on Saturday to win their third straight Olympic gold medal in women’s water polo, confirming their status as the world’s dominant team.

Spain settled for silver and Hungary took bronze with a gritty 11-9 win over the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) team.

The U.S., champions at London 2012 and Rio 2016, completed their “three-peat” with characteristic ruthlessness, blowing away the Spanish team, who had arrived in Tokyo as European champions.

The Hungarians, who had never finished on the women’s water polo podium, won their first Olympic medal in style, with goalkeeper Alda Magyari scoring into an empty net with four seconds left as all the ROC players pushed up into attack.

Magyari, who also made 10 saves, was one of eight Hungarian players who found the net, with wing Vanda Valyi top scoring with three goals.

“It’s a huge step in our history,” Hungary captain Rita Keszthelyi told reporters. “I’m sure everyone is very, very proud of us and happy that we achieved this.

“My mother was one of the first women who started to play water polo in Hungary, and my father was a national team player. I always chased this medal also for him.”

source (article; picture): Reuters; Tokyo 2020; Eurosport

A cikk elolvasása után nézzétek meg a következő rövid videót, amit az olimpiai sportként debütáló karatéról készítettek. A videó megnézése után egészítsétek ki a hiányzó részeket a megfelelő szavakkal.

Karate includes Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring). In Kata, athletes 1. ……. offensive and defensive moves 2……. a virtual enemy. In Kumite, two athletes face each other in a 3. ……… .

The key features of Kata events 4. ……. the strength, rhythm, balance and power of strikes and 5. ………. . Athletes are not allowed to perform the 6…… Kata twice during a tournament. Therefore, strategy in the selection of the Kata plays a crucial role in the 7. ……. .

In Kumite, the key moment is when one of the 8. …….. makes a successful attack, which involves hitting a target area of the opponent’s body with an explosive 9. …….. or kick with precision.

Spectators will enjoy the 10. ………. of speed, power and control of Kumite.

The most stunning elements of Kata are spirit, focus and beautiful flowing motions of the demonstrations.

source: One Minute, One Sport, Karate, Tokyo 2020, Youtube

keys/megoldások: 1. demonstrate; 2. against; 3. fight; 4. include; 5. kicks; 6. same; 7. competition; 8. competitors; 9. strike; 10. combination


to include bevenni
to defeat legyőzni
opponent ellenfél
semi-finals elődöntő
to declare kijelenteni
confidence magabiztosság
to smash összezúzni/ legyűrni
to take chances kockáztatni
to misjudge tévesen ítélni
proud büszke
tremendous achievement hatalmas teljesítmény
preceding megelőző
nightmarish lidércnyomásszerű
surgery műtét
thrombosis trombózis
to turn out kiderülni
blood thinners vérhígító
to participate in részt venni
épée párbajtőr
in a tie ugyanolyan eredménye van
equestrian show jumping díjugratás
disappointingly kiábrándítóan
to overtake megelőzni
to shiver remegni
last lap utolsó kör
to power away from erőteljes mozgással eltávolodni
consecutive egymást követő
slight edge kis előny
to put in a push beleadni még egy nagy erőfeszítést
medal streak éremsorozat
to crush legyűrni/legyőzni
to confirm megerősíteni
to settle for megelégedni valamivel
gritty kemény
three-peat háromszor egymás után
ruthlessness könyörtelenül
to blow away kilőni
to score into labdát belőni valamibe
saves védések
wing szélső
to chase üldözni/hajszolni
sparring öklözés
strikes ütések
to plays a crucial role in nagyon fontos szerepet
játszani valamiben
attack támadás
explosive robbanásszerű
stunning elképesztő

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