Milyen gyors az internet Magyarországon? – Egy kis olvasmány angolul, szószedettel


Az alábbi rövid olvasási feladatból (amelyhez hanganyag is tartozik) megtudhatod, hogy hol a leggyorsabb az internet a világon. 

Hungary is among the countries with the fastest Internet connection speed

Based on a new survey, Hungary has the 16th fastest Internet connection in fixed broadband while the 36th in the mobile category. Interestingly, the speed of the Internet is faster in Romania than in Hungary.

According to, Speedtest measured the Internet speed in May 2020 in Hungary, as well. They did their analysis in two categories: fixed broadband and mobile Internet connection. Based on the results, Hungary has the 16th fastest Internet connection in fixed broadband while the 36th in the mobile category.

The global average of download and upload in the mobile category is 33.71 and 10.89 Mbps, while the latency is 41 ms. Meanwhile, South Korea has the fastest download connection in the mobile category with 100.22 Mbps. Interestingly, the United Arab Emirates and China follow the Far-East country with 99.67 and 97.10 Mbps. The last position (138) belongs to Afghanistan in the mobile phone list, where the average download speed is only 5.71 Mbps. In Hungary, this speed is 42.77 Mbps.

In the fixed broadband sector, Singapore became the winner with 205.13 Mbps average speed. Hong Kong and Thailand follow them with 183.24 and 170.14 Mbps. Interestingly, Romania is in fourth place in this respect with 159.31 Mbps while, in Hungary, this number is 131.15, which was only enough for the 16th position.

source: Daily News Hungary

Fill in the gaps with words and expressions from the table. There is one extra.



based on


belong to


1. We decided to ……… the size of the furniture to see if it would fit in the room.

2. The students were selected ………. their performance at school.

3. Don’t take away these books, they ………. the library.

4. This month the temperature on …….. has been higher than last year.

5. According to a new …….. people’s shopping habits have changed.


Key: 1. measure, 2. based on, 3. belong to, 4. average, 5. survey

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