Mystery of the massacred mobula rays – hallás utáni értés


Hallás utáni értést ellenőrző feladat rejtélyes rájákkal - hanganyaggal, cikkel és szószedettel.

Listen to the article and decide if the statements are TRUE or FALSE.

1)      Palestinian fishermen have never seen fish like the mysterious Mobula rays before. T/F
2)      Mobulas and Manta Rays look a lot alike. T/F
3)      The Mobula Ray fish can only be seen underwater. T/F
4)      Mobulas move around in small groups. T/F
5)      The Mobula Ray fish washed up on shore after they were confused by underwater noises and electrical signals. T/F

Answers: 1) F, 2) T, 3) F, 4) F, 5) F

What do the numbers refer to?

1)      17
2)      6
3)      12
4)      5  

a)      years
b)      shekels
c)       feet
d)      stone

Answers: 1) c, 2) a, 3) d, 4) b

Mystery of the massacred mobula rays

Dozens of Mobula Ray fish were mysteriously washed up on the beach in Gaza City today and carted off to market by Palestinian fishermen. It was the first time the fish had been seen on the beach for six years, according to a local video report purporting to show fisherman examining the Rays. The fish are of a similar appearance to the more well-known Manta Rays, which are in the same family, and can reach a width of up to 17ft. The Rays can weigh more than 12 stone and sell for around five shekels (£0.90) per pound in local markets, the Ma’an News Agency reported. 

Bob Rubin, of Santa Rosa Junior College in California, is one of the world’s leading experts on Rays, and spoke to MailOnline about the find in Gaza. He said: ‘Mobulas often travel in huge schools of thousands of animals and also leap from the water and twist in the air. Very cool indeed.’  ‘This observation is strange to me and unknown to me as well. I have worked in the Gulf of California for many years where there are abundant mobula schools and I have never seen a "mass stranding".  

‘These animals seem to have blood on the "wings" – pectoral fins – which may have come from slapping something – boats, rocks, sand, each other?’ He added that without seeing the fish and looking further into other possible causes such as their stomach contents and condition of their gills, he could not determine what might have caused the stranding. ‘Large underwater noises or electrical signals may have caused some state of disorientation but that is only a guess on my part,’ Mr Rubin said.

source: Daily Mail

mystery – rejtély, titok
massacred – lemészárolt
ray – rája
dozen – tucat
mysteriously – titokzatosan
to wash up – partra sodródni/vetni
to cart off – elszállítani
according to – valaki szerint
local – helyi
to purport – szándékozni
to examine – (meg)vizsgálni
similar appearance – hasonló megjelenés
well-known – jól ismert
to reach – elérni
width – szélesség
leading expert – vezető szakember
school – halraj
to leap – ugrani, szökkelni
to twist – tekeregni, tekeredni, csavarni
indeed – valóban, csakugyan
observation – megfigyelés
unknown – ismeretlen
abundant – bőséges
mass stranding – tömeges zátonyra futás
pectoral fin – melluszony
to slap – (meg)ütni, csapni
possible cause – lehetséges ok
stomach content – gyomortartalom
gill – kopoltyú
to determine – meghatározni
noise – zaj
disorientation – tájékozódás zavara, dezorientáció
guess – találgatás


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