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Solar-Powered Cinema Is a Mini Marvel

Welcome to the world’s smallest solar-powered mobile cinema – built from a rusty old caravan. A team of four spent a year creating the unique eight-seat picture house, which has now toured to more than 300 locations.They mainly used recycled materials, including an LED projector housing from a 1920s theatre light and antique curtains, in the 20,000-pounds project. Two of the group created the usherette outfits, the upholstery and the art deco paintwork. The caravan was transformed using old carpets from a wedding company, fake brick, a canopy and roman pillars.

Thousands of people have enjoyed 100s of films inside the 2.7m converted caravan, complete with plush seating, surround sound – and lots of popcorn. It’s played everything from movie parodies, 1940s dance films, sci-fi adventures, music videos and comedy to environmental documentaries. And audiences get in free – because events hire the cinema. 

Artist Jo Furlong came up with the idea for Sol Cinema after spotting an old Euro-Camper caravan from 1965 rusting away in a hedge. He had previously converted a small caravan into a touring human-sized juke box for his band, which became a festival cult favourite.

Paul O’Connor, projectionist and co-founder of Sol Cinema, said perfecting the solar power system was the biggest task. "I had been seeking out a unique way to show short films at festivals and Jo’s brainwave was the perfect solution. We wanted to find a way to present short films which went beyond YouTube. We wanted to give an enjoyable experience to honour all the hard work and dedication which video makers put into creating short videos. Our solar panel receives enough sunlight to charge the batteries ensuring that we always have power, whatever the weather. It means we can perform just about anywhere."
Now on its fourth touring season, the cinema has appeared at community and music events in Scotland and Wales and a street festival in Ireland. Mr O’Connor said: "Everyone loves the cinema and amazement is the most common reaction from our viewers. When audiences leave – people outside can’t believe so many people can comfortably be seated inside.”

solar-powered – napenergiával működő
rusty – rozsdás
unique – egyedi
to tour – turnézni
recycled materials – újrahasznosított anyagok
housing – ház (gépeknek)
theatre light – színházi reflektor
usherette – jegyszedő
outfit – öltözék, szerkó
upholstery – kárpit
fake – mű, hamis
canopy – előtető
roman pillar – római oszlop
plush seating – plüss ülések
audience – közönség
event – esemény
hedge – sövény
juke box – pénzbedobós zenegép
co-founder – társalapító
task – feladat
brainwave – szuper ötlet
to honour – tisztelegni valami előtt
dedication – odaadás
to charge – feltölteni
to ensure – biztosítani
whatever – bármilyen
amazement – ámulat

Match the words with the definitions.

1. to ensure

a) comfortable seats covered in soft textile

2. plush seating

b) to have electricity fed into a battery

3. brainwave

c) reddish-brown spots on metal

4. rust

d) to make certain

5. to charge

e) brilliant idea

answers: 1-d 2-a 3-e 4-c 5-b

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