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World’s worst jobs: Whatever you think of yours it’s probably not as bad as these

Fancy being an armpit sniffer, Mosquito bite victim, sewer diver or marine snot collector? No? We didn’t think so.

Armpit sniffer

Getting a whiff of BO may sound like the pits, but it’s all in a day’s work for Peta Jones. She works as a deodorant producer for Unilever in Australia, developing the Dove, Lynx and Impulse brands. A big part of her job is sniffing strangers’ armpits to check her products’ work. Peta said: “It was strange at first, but in a week it was fine.”

Mosquito bite victim

Helge Zieler has a job that really sucks – letting himself get bitten by mosquitoes. Working in the Brazilian rainforest, he offered himself as bait so he could study the bugs’ behaviour. But despite once suffering a really bad bout of malaria, he says: “The beauty of the rainforest far outweighs the thousands of mosquito bites.”

Pet food taster

This is not just pet food – this is the ultimate in Marks & Spencer dog and cat cuisine. Every dish in the store’s luxury range has been tested by Simon Allison. He said: “I love my job – but draw the line at swallowing.”

Sewer diver

We all think our job stinks from time to time, but it really does for Julio Cu Camara. He swims through sewers in Mexico City to clear blockages and repair pipes by hand. Julio, has notched up 1,400 dives in 30 years – each one lasting up to six hours in 7,500 miles (12,070 km) of tunnels. He has to wear a 40 kg helmet and suit to protect him from the human, chemical and animal waste – and its stench.

Julio has found horses, pigs, guns and “cigarette butts to car parts, furn­iture and fridges. You ask how it got there.” But of one thing he is certain: “The worst thing of all to find is a human.”

Watching grass grow

The grass expert works at British Seed Houses in Lincoln, where her daily duties include counting out and planting 400 seed samples. Later, she goes through them blade by blade to monitor growth. Helen said: “People think that it’s strange when I tell them my job is to watch grass grow. But it’s fascinating. I wouldn’t do anything else. It’s so rewarding to see a stretch of perfect grass.”

Whale snot collector

There she blows” may be the traditional cry for whale spotters but marine biologist Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse gives it a new meaning. She flies a remote-controlled helicopter fitted with a culture dish through the spray of mucus whales eject from their blowhole, then analyses it for viruses and bacteria. Karina, from the Zoological Society of London, says: “It can be quite dangerous.”


to fancy doing something – kedve van valamit csinálni
armpit – hónalj
to sniff – szagolni
mosquito bite – szúnyogcsípés
sewer – csatorna
marine snot – tengeri takony
BO = body odour – testszag
the pits – pokol, alvilág
it’s all in a day’s work – megszokott, része a mindennapoknak
deodorant – dezodor
it sucks – szívás
bait – csali
despite – valami ellenére
to outweigh – felülmúlni
cuisine – konyha
luxury range – luxuskínálat
to draw the line at – meghúzni a vonalat valahol
to swallow – nyelni, lenyelni
it stinks – borzalmas, pocsék (szó szerint bűzlik)
blockage – akadály, torlasz
to notch up – felvésni, feljegyezni
to protect – védeni
waste – hulladék
stench – bűz
car part – autóalkatrész
the worst thing of all – a legeslegrosszabb dolog
daily duties – napi feladatok
seed sample – magminta
blade of grass – fűszál
fascinating – lenyűgöző
rewarding – érdemes csinálni, kifizetődő
there she blows – Fúj a bálna! (felkiáltás bálnalesen)
whale spotter – bálnales résztvevője
remote-controlled – távirányítós
culture dish – petri edény
mucus – takony, nyálka
blowhole – bálna orrnyílása

Match the synonyms.

1. mucus

a) in spite of

2. despite

b) to smell

3. fascinating

c) it stinks

4. it sucks

d) snot

5. to sniff

e) intriguing

answers: 1-d 2-a 3-e 4-c 5-b

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