Sarkvidéki hideg: mínusz 50 Celsius fok az Egyesült Államokban


Sarkvidéki hideg tombol az Egyesül Államokban, ráadásul a jeges szél csökkenti a hőérzetet. Olvasd el összefoglalónkat! 

Deep freeze: Ice vortex with -50C temperatures sends US running indoors

A whirling mass of freezing air has brought heavy snow and wind chill temperatures of minus 50C to large parts of America. The eastern half of the country has been hit by dense air known as a ‘polar vortex’ which has brought weather last seen two decades ago.

Parts of the north-east and Canada have seen up to 60cm (2ft) of fresh snow fall and 3,700 flights have been cancelled. Schools in Chicago and other Midwest cities are closed and people have been warned to stay indoors. The city of Indianapolis has banned driving for anyone other than those seeking shelter. Lake Michigan is frozen solid and ice breakers were deployed to clear the way for shipping.

‘I have seen frostbite occur through clothing,’ warned Douglas Brunette, an A&E (Accident and Emergency) doctor in Minneapolis. ‘It’s not enough just to be covered. You need clothes made for the elements. You need to repel the wind.’ Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard added: ‘The cold is the real killer here. In 10 minutes you could be dead without the proper clothes.’

Forecasters said some 187million people in all could feel the effects of the polar vortex by the time it spreads across the country.


whirling – kavargó, gomolygó
wind chill – hőérzet (a szél által csökkentett hőmérséklet-érzékelés)
dense – sűrű
polar vortex – sarki örvény
decade – évtized
to cancel – törölni
to ban – betiltani
to seek shelter – menedéket keresni
solid – kemény, tömör, szilárd
ice breaker – jégtörő hajó
to deploy – bevetni, alkalmazni
frostbite – fagyás (testrészen)
through – keresztül
to repel – taszít, elhárít, itt szélálló
mayor – polgármester
forecaster – előrejelző
to spread – elterjedni

Match the words with the definitions.

1. mayor

a) ten years

2. to deploy

b) to prohibit something officially

3. ice breaker

c) the head of government of a city or town

4. decade

d) special ship used in frozen water

5. to ban

e) to use something

answers: 1-c 2-e 3-d 4-a 5-b

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