Nyelvtani teszt – alapfok (egyes szám – többes szám)

Petya | 2010. 07. 18.

Nyelvtani teszt kezdőknek

A 4 válaszlehetőség közül válaszd ki a megfelelőt.

1. My grandparents ….. eleven children.
A: are
B: has
C: have
D: is

2. The Evans have four ….., two boys and two girls.
A: childs
B: child
C: children
D: childrens

3. Three or four ….. are sitting on chairs.
A: man
B: men
C: mans
D: mens

4. Mrs Brown is speaking to three or four ……
A: woman
B: women
C: wimin
D: wamen

5. There ….. many people in the park.
A: are
B: is
C: has
D: have

6. ….. people have only two children.
A: Much
B: Many
C: A
D: Any

7. in some countries you can have more ……
A: wife
B: wifes
C: wiffes
D: wives

8. These people ….. a nice house.
A: is
B: can
C: have
D: has

9. One man – two ……
A: men
B: man
C: min
D: mean

10. ….. shoes cost too much.
A: That
B: This
C: Those
D: These

11. ….. there any tea in the cup?
A: How
B: Are
C: Is
D: Do

12. One fish – two ……
A: fish
B: fishes
C: fisches
D: fisch


1.C 2.C 3.B 4.B 5.A 6.B
7.D 8.C 9.A 10.CD 11.C 12.A

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