Grammar exercise: Tenses (Present, Past, Future conditionals)

Put the verb in brackets into the right tense. (Present, Past, Future Conditionals)

1. If you pass the exam, we (celebrate) … it.
2. If you go to London, where (you stay) …?
4. Someone (steal) … your glasses if you leave them there.
5. What (you do) … if you heard the alarm?
6. If you (read) … the article carefully, you wouldn’t have asked
7. I could repair the roof myself if I (have) … a longer ladder.
8. Unless you turn that music down, I (go) … mad.
9. If you were unemployed, what (you do) …?
10. We’ll have to walk if we (run out) … of petrol here.
11. If you shake that bottle, it (not be) … fit to drink.
12. I’ll get lost if you (not go) … with me.
13. She (not have) … so many accidents if she drove more carefully.
14. If you (wear) … this coat, nobody would have recognized you.
15. You will smell if you (not change) … your clothes.
16. If I had known you didn’t like the food, I (not buy) … it.
17. I (bring) … you some food if I had known that you were hungry.
18. I (not buy) … these things if I were you.
19. If he is there he (answer) … the phone.
20. I wouldn’t have brought umbrella if I (know) … that it was not

1. will celebrate
2. will you stay
4. will steal
5. would you do
6. had read
7. had
8. will go
9. would you do
10. run out
11. won’t be
12. don’t go
13. would not have
14. had worn
15. don’t change
16. wouldn’t have bought
17. would have brought
18. wouldn’t buy
19. will answer
20. had known

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