Vocabulary TEST – The town

A kitalálandó szavak mind megtalálhatók a városban, a tájékozódáshoz elengedhetetlen ezek ismerete. Te tudod a válaszokat?

1. You can buy things in many ….. in this town.
A: shops
B: pubs
C: schools
D: parks

2. When sightseeing you can see a lot of historical ……
A: shops
B: pavements
C: schools
D: buildings

3. Do you know any cheap ….. and restaurants in that town?
A: roofs
B: pavements
C: hotels
D: people

4. Our town has a new ….. for ill people.
A: pub
B: church
C: hotel
D: hospital
E: shop

5. Go to the square and there you can admire a medieval ……
A: fountain
B: pavement
C: bus stop
D: hospital
E: rock

6. Have you already seen the ….. of Saint Peter?
A: Hotel
B: House
C: Church
D: Park
E: Horse

7. I have lost my way. There are a lot of streets and ……
A: schools
B: people
C: towns
D: crossroads
E: maps

8. We can go to the concert that is taking place in the local ……
A: shop
B: concert hall
C: crossroads
D: bus stop
E: opera

9. Excuse me, can you tell where the nearest ….. is? I need an aspirin.
A: theatre
B: baker’s
C: bookshop
D: chemist’s
E: confectionary

10. Our town is known for its beautiful green …..?
A: trees
B: grass
C: parks
D: martians
E: cars

11. You must walk only on hard-surface ….. in this park.
A: pavements
B: bricks
C: grass
D: posts
E: needles

12. On that hill you can find a ….. with a lot of exotic animals.
A: hotel
B: theatre
C: zoo
D: school

13. A lot of cities have a/an ….. for fast public transport.
A: underground
B: horse
C: small car
D: pavement

14. You can see the whole town and its surroundings from the near-by ……
A: ladder
B: park
C: view-tower
D: observatory

15. There is a/an ….. with lovely peaches beyond the town.
A: park
B: orchard
C: school
D: theatre

16. Big cities have tall ….. with many floors.
A: parks
B: theatres
C: skyscrapers
D: mountain

17. Every mayor has an office in the ……
A: church
B: park
C: zoo
D: town hall

1.A 2.D 3.C 4.D 5.A
6.C 7.D 8.B 9.D 10.C
11.A 12.C 13.A 14.C 15.B
16.C 17.D

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