AT THE BIKE REPAIR SHOP – Kerékpárszervizben


A következő párbeszédből kerékpárszereléssel kapcsolatban tanulhatsz meg hasznos kifejezéseket. 

Technician: Good morning, madam. How can I help you?

Customer: Good morning, sir. I ‘m having problems with my bike. I need to have it repaired. I bought it half a year ago, so it is relatively new. 

Technician: What seems to be the problem?

Customer: There is some trouble with the brakes. They don’t work fast enough when I want to stop the bike. Oh, and the lights. They work on and off but I never know whether I will be able to turn them on or not. So I usually don’t ride my bike when it is dark.

Technician: How long have you had these problems?

Customer: Well, the problem with the brakes started last week, but I have had the lights issue for quite a while.

Technician: OK, let me see. How urgent is the repair?

Customer: It’s quite urgent. I’d like to go on a bike tour with my friends next week. But you see, it’s not safe to start a journey with a bicycle which is not perfectly safe to use.

Technician: Yes, I agree. Safety is of utmost importance. I will have to check your bike to find out what causes the problem. If the problem is easy to solve and we don’t need to order extra spare parts, we can repair it in a day or two.

Customer: How long will it take if you need spare parts?

Technician: It depends on what we need. But let’s hope for the best.

Customer: How much will the repair cost?

Technician: You’ve told me you bought the bike half a year ago, haven’t you? The warranty covers the repair then.

Customer: That’s great. When can I come back to pick up the bike?

Technician: I’m not sure. We’ll contact you when it’s ready. Can you give me an e-mail address?

Customer: I’d rather give you a phone number. I rarely check my e-mails. It’s 30-1234567. Ms Red.

Technician: Thank you, madam.


How can I helpyou?– Miben segíthetek?

I need to have it repaired.– Szeretném megjavíttatni.

What seems to be the problem?–Mi baj van vele?

they work on and off–hol működnek, hol nem

I never know whether…–Sosem tudom, hogy…

for quite a while– elég régen

OK, let me see.–OK, hadd nézzem meg.

It’squite urgent.– Elég sürgős.

It’s of utmost importance.–Ez rendkívül fontos.

in a day or two–egy-két nap alatt

It depends on…– Attól függ,hogy….

Let’s hope for the best.– Reméljük a legjobbakat.

That’s great.Nagyszerű.

I’m not sure.  – Nem tudom biztosan.

I’d rather give you a phone number.– Inkább telefonszámot adnék meg.

I rarely check my e-mails.– Ritkán nézem meg az e-mailjeimet.


repair shopszerviz


to repair–megjavítani

to turn the lights on–felkapcsolni a világítást


bike tour–biciklitúra


spare parts–alkatrészek

repair–  javítás


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