18 mókás magyar mondás és kifejezés – szókincsbővítés

Nagyon vicces dolog, amikor tükörfordításban próbáljuk a magyar mondásainkat és kifejezéseinket angol barátainknak elmagyarázni. Az angol magyarázataikon kívül megkerestük ezeknek a magyar mondásoknak és kifejezéseknek az angol megfelelőit is!

18 funny Hungarian proverbs

There are many proverbs and sayings used by Hungarian people, but if translated into English, they are hilarious but most of them are said in different ways in English.

  1. You are as little as the growling in a Teddy cheeseKevés vagy, mint mackósajtban a brummogás
    Teddy cheese needs some explanation.
    There is a kind of Hungarian cheese with a small bear on its label.
    It means doing something is useless.
  2. Why are you giving drinks to the mice?Miért itatod az egereket?
    English people simply ask “Why are you crying?”
  3. He is as happy as a monkey about his tailÖrül, mint majom a farkának.
    This may seem rather strange. In English, they say “she/he is jumping for joy”.
  4. It is worth as much as a kiss to a dead personAnnyit ér, mint halottnak a csók.
    In English it means that it’s not worth the effort.
  5. Behind the back of GodAz Isten háta mögött.
    The English put it more simply, saying “Far, far away”.
  6. You cannot make bacon out of a dogKutyából nem lesz szalonna.
    We use it to express that people do not change.
  7. Your dad was not a glazier!Apád nem volt üveges!
    This sounds in English like “Hey, you’re blocking my view!”
    or “Hey, I can’t see from you! You’re blocking my view!”
  8. You can spread him/her on breadKenyérre lehet kenni.
    We use it when we want to say that someone is naive.
  9. Only when red snow falls! Majd, ha piros hó esik!
    Hungarians use this phrase for impossible situations.
  10. The fence is not made of sausageNem kolbászból van a kerítés.
    This Hungarian proverb could mean that a life situation is not as good as you have expected”.
  11. This is Chinese to me! – Ez nekem kínai!
    We use this when we do not understand something.
  12. She is a bomb womanŐ egy bombanő.
    If you use this, a girl could easily run away.
    In the US, they express it differently, by using scores, for example, “That chick is a 10”.
  13. Old goat also licks the saltVén kecske is megnyalja a sót.
    In Hungarian, the old goat is an expression for elderly men.
    The saying is about that older people are into romance as well.
  14. Many geese defeat a pigSok lúd disznőt győz.
    It is a proverb that can encourage the less strong or the opposite:
    to warn someone stronger.
    This is about the importance of teamwork.
  15. Howls like a worm stuck inside a treeOrdít, mint a fába szorult féreg.
    We use this proverb when someone is shouting or screaming very loudly.
  16. This is where the dog is buriedItt van a kutya elásva.
    It simply refers to the truth which lies where the dog is buried.
  17. A blind hen can also find wheat grainsVak tyúk is talál (búza)szemet.
    This means that everyone can be lucky.
  18. If there is no horse, the donkey is good enoughHa ló nincs, jó a szamár is.
    We say this when we need to get by with less and be satisfied.

source: Daily News Hungary, Matador Network, Wikipedia (picture)

A cikk elolvasása után próbáld megtalálni az egyes magyar mondások angol megfelelőit.

  1. It is like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.
  2. Strength in number.
  3. It’s off the map/behind and beyond.
  4. Money doesn’t grow on trees. / Streets are not paved with gold.
  5. He’s an easy touch/game/prey.
  6. Your sister is a bombshell/ hot chick/ mega fox/ sex bomb.
  7. He is happy like a kid with a new toy.
  8. When pigs fly!
  9. Half a loaf is better than no bread.
  10. You scream your head off.
  11. This is all double Dutch to me! / This is Greek to me!
  12. You cannot turn chalk into cheese. / A leopard cannot change its spots.
  13. I can smell rat/There is a snake in the grass.
  14. There’s life in the old dog yet.
  15. Every dog has its day.
  16. Don’t turn on the waterworks. / Don’t pipe your eyes.
  17. It’s like flogging a dead horse. / It’s as helpful as kissing frogs.
  18. You make a better door than a window.

keys/megoldások: 1.-1; 2.-14; 3.-5; 4.-10; 5.-8; 6.-12; 7.-3; 8.-9; 9.-18; 10.-15; 11.-11; 12.-6; 13.-6; 14.-13; 15.-17; 16.-2; 17.-4; 18.-7


proverbs közmondások
hilarious vicces/
to express kifejezni
naive naiv/
to encourage ösztönözni/
to refer utalni valamire
to get by megélni 
turnip fehér répa
to pave kikövezni
loaf vekni/
waterworks szökőkút
flogging korbácsolás

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