Gyönyörű az idő, kiránduljunk!


Budapest közelében 7 gyönyörű hely, ahová most hétvégén akár el is látogathatunk.

For this autumn weekend, the weather forecast says the temperature will be over 20 ̊C degrees with only a few clouds in sight. In short, the weather will be ideal for hiking and exploring the beautiful nature of the country. Here are the top places you should visit in Budapest and its surrounding region:

Dobogókő– this is a popular hiking destination, one of the best sites in Hungary. There is a variety of options to reach the summit and more adventurous people can continue their journey to other sites as well.

Rám-szakadék– is one of the locations that can be accessed from Dobogókő. It is one of the hardest, if not the hardest hiking routes in the country, through an incredibly long gorge.

Prédikálószék – the most breath-taking place of the region, however, it is quite challenging to go there. It has the best lookout over the Dunakanyar.

Gödöllő– is a location easy to reach using Budapest’s public transport and it has an incredibly beautiful castle to visit. Also, the city’s arboretum is worth a visit too.

Hármashatár-hegy– this summit can be reached by a range of ways, and there are many things to see – such as the Oroszlán-szikla and the Árpád kilátó (look-out tower).

Naplás-tó – the biggest stagnant water of the capital, without any commercial shops or snack bars. It is a calm location and ideal for animal lovers – it is home to nearly 150 bird species.

Zugligeti Libegő/János-hegy, Erzsébet Kilátó– the Zugliget Chairlift can bring you up to the summit of János-hegy, which is the highest point in Budapest. From this vantage point, the whole city can be admired.

source: article by Sára Kata, Hungary Today

A cikk elolvasása után, válaszolj a következő kérdésekre röviden.

  1. Which is probably the hardest hiking route through an incredible long gorge in Hungary? 
  2. Which is the biggest stagnant water of the capital city of Hungary?
  3. What vehicle can bring you up to the highest point in Budapest?
  4. What mentioned places can you see from the summit of Hármashatár-hegy?
  5. Which popular hiking destination is advised to visit in the article?



Key/Megoldások: 1. Rám-szakadék, 2. Naplás-tó, 3. Zugliget Charilift, 4. Oroszlán-szikla, Árpád lookout, 5. Dobogókő




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vantage point

jó kilátást nyújtó

to admire


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