Magyarország külföldi filmekben – szókincs, szövegértés és videó

Magyarországot kedvelik a külföldi filmkészítők gyönyörű tájaink, épületeink és a filmstúdiókban dolgozó kreatív szakemberek és tehetséges színészek miatt. A következő cikk néhány film Magyarországhoz kötődő kapcsolatát járja körbe, melyekben nemcsak a magyar tájak és épületek bukkannak fel.

Hungary is home to many movies’ sets, some of them you would have never guessed, but if you have an eager eye or ear, you might have spotted some Hungarian references in some of your favourite movies.

Budapest and Hungary, as a whole, is a beloved destination to filmmakers. The streets and landmarks of Budapest were used in many movies and series of several different genres. Huge names like Disney and smaller companies also make use of relatively cheap labour, yet high expertise and skill. If the producers dream big and there is no existing scenery for their vision, fear not, as Korda Studios in Etyek can build any set you can imagine.

The Last Kingdom

One of the many hit series on Netflix, The Last Kingdom also has some Hungarian connections, as the previously mentioned Korda Studios provided the main set for the series. The studio built an entire medieval townscape and thanks to the magnificent camera work, they can utilise the set for several locations in the series, and the set’s narrow alleyways and many buildings can provide for exciting imagery.

If you had a keen eye, you might have spotted a few Mangalica (a Hungarian breed of curly-haired pig) while watching the show, and if you pay close attention to detail you can see how some of the locations have very similar buildings, now you know why. Furthermore, in season 1, episode 7, the marshlands of the Severn look suspiciously similar to the bogs in Hungary which turns out to be Hungarian. There was a bog near one of Korda Studios’ locations which was transformed into a fishing village you see in the show, and a nearby lake was used to record water-bound storylines. Last but not least, as the main set was in Hungary, there are many Hungarian names in the credits; they helped make the sets, props and possibly many other things so the series could be as stunning as it is.


First, if you have not seen the show, you should check it out, it is incredible. Second, there is an unexpected Hungarian reference in the series. Lucifer (Tom Ellis), yes, the biblical character, and Detective Decker (Lauren German) team up to solve murders. In season 4 episode 2, they are solving a murder that happened in a reality show. When the duo is told what the contents of the victim’s stomach were, it leaves Decker wondering, but Lucifer knows the answer.

They were the ingredients of the Hungarian rum balls or coconut balls (it can really go either way by the ingredients).

Lucifer also mentions that he spent quite a lot of time with Attila the Hun, who could be related to the Hungarians. Hunor and Magor were once brothers, and they were the ancestors of the Huns and Hungarians (magyarok) according to the legend of the origin of the Hungarians.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Thanks to the addition of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film series to the Harry Potter universe, it is reliving its heyday. If you are fond of the books or re-watching the film series, pay close attention to the episode in the Goblet of Fire during the First Task. Harry Potter somehow was able to attend the Triwizard Tournament despite his young age. When they determine who will need to face which breed of the dragon for their task, Harry Potter draws the Hungarian Horntail, which, according to the universe, is a particularly tough dragon to face.

Iron Man

If you are a true movie fan, you might have noticed that when the directors or screenwriters need a foreign language that not many people understand, they often turn to Hungarian. Either by having a Hungarian actor or teach an actor a few Hungarian lines, it is often used as an exotic or gibberish language and unfortunately usually by bad guys. One of the many cases is in the first Iron Man movie. In the scene where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) plans his escape, the terrorists go to the door and ask for Tony in Hungarian. In the Hungarian dubbing of the movie, naturally, these short Hungarian lines are in a different language. If any of you are a Marvel fan as well, you might know that Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) often mention Budapest, as one of their missions took place there.

source:  Daily News Hungary and TopMovieClips

A cikk elolvasása után, válaszolj a következő kérdésekre a cikkben olvasottak alapján.

  1. How can the built medieval townscape be utilised for several locations in The Last Kingdom series?
  2. What typically Hungarian animal can be spotted in this series?
  3. What happened to the bog and a lake near the Korda Studios during the shooting of season 1?
  4. Why are the credits of The Last Kingdom so special for us?
  5. Why were ‘rumos golyók’ very important in season 4 episode 2 of the Lucifer series?
  6. Why is the Hungarian Horntail very special?
  7. Why do foreign screenwriters tend to use some Hungarian lines in their films?
  8. Why don’t we hear the Hungarian lines in the dubbed version of this scene?

keys/megoldások: 1. thanks to/with the help of the magnificent camera work; 2. Mangalica pigs; 3. the bog was transformed into a fishing village and the lake was used to record water-bound storylines; 4. because they are full of Hungarian names; 5. because their ingredients were found in the victim’s stomach and only Lucifer recognized them as the ingredients of the rum balls; 6. because it is considered to be a particularly tough dragon to face according to the universe; 7. When they need a foreign language that not many people understand, they tend to use Hungarian because it sounds to be exotic or gibberish to the foreign ear.; 8. because in the Hungarian dubbing other foreign language was used


to guess tippelni/
to have an eager eye sas szeme van
to spot észrevenni
genres műfajok
expertise szaktudás
scenery díszlet
townscape városkép
to utilise használni/
alleyways sikátorok/
keskeny átjárók
to have a keen eye éles szeme van
marshlands mocsarak
suspiciously gyanúsan
bog láp/ingovány
credits stáblista
props kellékek
stunning elképesztő/
unexpected váratlan
contents tartalmak
ancestors ősök/
to relive its heyday újra élni a fénykorát/
to be fond of nagyon szeretni valamit
Hungarian Horntail magyar fenyődarázs/
“magyar mennydörgő”-nek
fordították a könyvben,
visszaadva az eredeti alliterációját
screenwriters forgatókönyv írók
gibberish zagyva/összevissza
dubbing szinkronizálás
to take place megtörténik/lezajlik

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