Prepositions – Prepozíciók TESZT

Gyakoroljuk egy kicsit a prepozíciókat! 


Fill in the gaps with the correct prepositions.

1.    He was so nice, he even insisted _______helping us with our suitcases.

2.    I wouldn’t trust him _______ this complicated task.

3.    I tried to warn her _______ this boy but she didn’t listen to me.

4.    My husband excels _______ paying attention to every little detail.

5.    Jack was accused _______ stealing the neighbour’s bike.

6.    Your careless behaviour resulted ______ a horrible accident.

7.    You should refrain ______ talking when you shouldn’t.

8.    The team blamed him _____ losing the game.

9.    The party was called ______ due to the horrible weather.

10.We kept _______ working though it started to rain.

11.We look _________ to seeing you.

12.I could never get used _______ getting up early.

13.Our charity organisation depends ______ people’s donations.

14.He was charged _______ murder.

15.From this point on you are in charge ______ packaging.

16.He is a very open-minded kid. He engages ______ several extracurricular activities.

17.My grandfather died ______ a stroke at the age of 80.

18.Our boss approved ____ our new project.

19.We’ve decided _______ buying a car. We really can’t afford it now.

20.They broke _______ the engagement when Jack’s mother wanted to force a prenuptial agreement.


1.    on

2.    with

3.    against

4.    at

5.    of

6.    in

7.    from

8.    for

9.    off

10.  on

11.  forward

12.  to

13.  on

14.  with

15.  of

16.  in

17.  of

18.  of

19.  against

20.  off 

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