5 Stupid Job-Interview Mistakes You’ll Live To Regret


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5 Stupid Job-Interview Mistakes You’ll Live To Regret

As this new, social generation of young people begin graduating from college and entering the workforce, there are a few tips I’d like to share, to help them avoid some common mistakes.

1. Forgetting What Job You Applied For

So often a young person will begin mass applying for positions in their field of interest. Be sure to keep track and know what job you’re seeking.

A business owner this week shared his story of calling a promising prospect before the formal interview. He introduced himself and his company and then asked, “What about this position appeals to you?” The response received was “Well ummm not really, I just thought it was an interesting job so um, well, um I don’t really know what the job is.” Needless to say this young person was scratched from the list.

2. Being Rude Or Demanding

The old saying still applies: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

It’s vitalto be kind, professional and polite when interacting with anyone at an organization. So it’s imperative that no matter who you interact with—from the reception desk to the CEO,—you must act with the utmost professionalism.

You never know who makes the ultimate decision.

3. Neglecting ToResearch The Organization And The Products They Provide

When you apply for a position, make sure you take the time to research the organization. Go to their website, review the About section to understand how the company began, who the founders are, and what the overall culture is.

When a young woman was recently asked to tell her interviewer to describe what the company did, the response was, “I really don’t know what you do. I’d have to look at my notes.”

4. Criticizing Or Disagreeing With The Brand Or Culture

“Your logo has to change.” This was the opening statement of a recent applicant for a software company with a quirky brand.

Brand and culture are at the very core of an organization. If you criticize the brand or disagree with the culture, you insult the people interviewing you, to the core of what they believe in.

5. Telling Each Person A Different Story About Yourself

Trust me they all talk. During the interview process you may meet anywhere from three to 15 people, going through many interviews before a decision is made. However, you can get into trouble if you tell everyone a different story of “you.” This speaks directly to your character, integrity and whether you truly know who you are and what you want.

Find the definitions of the following words and expressions, please.

mistake, regret, avoid, keep track, seek, needless to say, prospect, make a first impression, it’s vital, interact, neglect, founder, research, quirky, integrity

1.    to communicate or react to sg

2.    unusual in an attractive and interesting way

3.    to look for, to search

4.    it’s quite important

5.    not dealing with sg

6.    the quality of being honest and having strong principles

7.    the impact you make on someone when you first meet them

8.    to keep sg in mind

9.    something you’ve done by accident or an action that doesn’t have a good consequence

10.to stay away from something or someone

11.to feel sorry for something you’ve done

12.when something goes without saying

13.the person who might be chosen

14.someone who creates an organisation

15.to study something in detail


1.    interact

2.    quirky

3.    seek

4.    it’s vital

5.    neglect

6.    integrity

7.    make a first impression

8.    keep track

9.    mistake



12.needless to say







to regret


to graduate from college

diplomázni a főiskoláról



to avoid


to begin mass applying

nagyon sok helyre jelentkezni egyszerre

to keep track

figyelemmel követni, észben tartani

to seek


promising prospect

ígéretes jelölt

needless to say

felesleges mondani

to be scratched from the list

kihúzva lenni a listáról

to  make a first impression

első benyomást tenni

it’s vital

nagyon fontos, hogy…

to interact


CEO Chief Executive Officer


ultimate decision

végső döntés

to neglect


to research







huncut (itt: szemtelenül új és szokatlan)


valaminek a magva, lényege

to get into trouble

bajba kerülni


becsületesség, tisztességes

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Egyéb megjegyzés