Come and Go


Járjuk körül a COME és a GO igéket, és néhány hasznos kifejezést velük! 

Come and Go

come to an agreement

egyetértésre jutni

come to terms with

elfogadni, elismerni valamit

come to a standstill

holtpontra jutni

come to an end

valami végéhez érni

come to one’s senses

észhez térni

come into a fortune

nagy vagyonhoz jutni

come into flower

virágba borulni

make a go of

valamiből profitálni, sikert elérni valamivel

on the go

úton lenni, mozgásban lenni

it goes without saying


have a go

megpróbálni valamit

go to great lengths

sokat bajlódni valamivel

go bankrupt

csődbe menni

go far

sokra vinni

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the expressions, please.

come to an agreement, come to terms with, come to a standstill, come to an end, come to one’s senses, come into a fortune, come to flower, make a go of, on the go, it goes without saying, have a go, go to great lengths, go bankrupt, go far

1.    My favourite season is spring because it is wonderful to see how everything ___________.

2.    Their relationship ___________ when he refused to move in with her.

3.    Of course I’ll go with you to the party. ____________.

4.    You should eat a hot meal in the evening. You ________ all day and don’t have time to eat properly during the day.

5.    She is such a bright girl. I’m sure she __________ whatever she decides to do.

6.    He decided to __________ tutoring kids at home.

7.    When we finally ___________, everyone from the office went to celebrate to the nearest pub.

8.    If I ___________ one day, I would open my own restaurant.

9.    Please don’t disappoint your grandmother, she __________ to make it possible for you to go to college.

10.  It’s time you __________ . You have been acting crazy for weeks now.

11.  I can see you’re having a really hard time with this exercise. _____ I _____ ?

12.  My uncle was really depressed for months after his business ________.

13.  He ____________  their breakup. He has been heartbroken ever since.

14.  Our cooperation _________ when I realised that he has drinking problems.


1.    comes to flower

2.    came to an end

3.    It goes without saying

4.    are on the go

5.    will go far

6.    make a go of

7.    came to an agreement

8.    came into a fortune

9.    has gone to great lengths

10.  came to your senses

11.  Can I have a go

12.  had gone bankrupt

13.  couldn’t come to terms with

14.  came to a standstill

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