Expressions of Time


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Expressions of Time

Complete the expressions with the words in the box.

term, any, at, good, short, behind, the, schedule, now, in, soon, near

1.    every _______ and again

2.    the sooner __________ better

3.    _______ no time

4.    in __________ time

5.    in the long __________

6.    ________ minute now

7.    as ________ as possible

8.    in the _________ future

9.    ________ schedule

10._________ the time the __________ term

12.on ___________


1.    now

2.    the

3.    in

4.    good

5.    term

6.    any

7.    soon

8.    near

9.    behind

10.  at

11.  short

12.  schedule

Complete the sentences with the expressions from the table above.

1.    Borrowing their car will be a good solution _____ but we’ll have to buy one for ourselves eventually.

2.    I don’t smoke but _________ I feel tempted at a party to have a couple of cigarettes.

3.    I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings in high school but you know _______ I was just a kid and really stupid.

4.    ‘When would you like to come?’ ‘___________’.

5.    ‘How are you getting on with your redecoration project?’ ‘I still can’t believe it but we are _______. It’s a miracle.’

6.    If you decide to visit us, please inform me ______ so that I would be able to prepare.

7.    We have got to buy a new coffee machine _________. I won’t survive without my morning coffee.

8.    I’ve heard that they are going to open a new shopping centre in our neighbourhood _________. I can’t wait!

9.    Don’t worry, dear! You mommy is going to be here ________ .

10.  I’m sorry, guys but I can’t go out with you tonight. I’m really _______ with my thesis and I’ll have to finish it by the end of next week.

11.  I know it seems impossible now but believe me, you’ll benefit from all this hard work  ___________.

12.  The journey was quite enjoyable. It felt like we got to Austria _______.


1.    in the short term

2.    every now and again

3.    at the time

4.    the sooner the better / as soon as possible

5.    on schedule

6.    in good time

7.    as soon as possible

8.    in the near future

9.    any minute now

10.  behind schedule

11.  in the long term

12.  in no time

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every now and again

időnként, hébe-hóba

the sooner the better

minél hamarabb, annál jobb

in no time

gyorsan, secperc alatt

in good time

jó időben (előre)

in the long term

hosszú távon

any minute now

bármelyik percben

as soon as possible

minél előbb, amilyen gyorsan csak lehet

in the near future

a közeljövőben

behind schedule

lemaradva lenni a tervhez képest

at the time

abban az időben (múltban)

in the short term

rövid távon

on schedule

időben, a terv szerint

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