Neighbours Test


Szomszédos szókincs egy kis feladattal. 

Find the definition of the following expressions: 

acquaintance, proverb, trustworthy, impact, reduce tension, on a leash, particularly, barking, source of contention, whining, consider, avoid, slam, vehicle, access, warning, suitable, mow the lawn, make an effort, get away with


1.    to cut the grass in your garden with a machine
2.    a car for example
3.    to make a stressful situation nicer or easier
4.    especially
5.    a short saying, sentence usually known by many people
6.    walking your dog with a piece of rope so that he or she wouldn’t be able to run away
7.    has an effect on somebody or something
8.    reliable
9.    trying hard to do something
10.  the possibility of getting near or inside a place
11.  pushing a door hard
12.  the reason for disagreeing
13.  loud noise dogs make
14.  to think about something
15.  right for someone or something, acceptable
16.  to do something bad without getting caught or being punished
17.  stating clearly that there can be a possible danger or problem in the future
18.  to stay away from someone or something or from doing something
19.  a person that you’ve met but don’t know well
20.  a high sound that cats make


1.    mow the lawn
2.    vehicle
3.    reduce tension
4.    particularly
5.    proverb
6.    on a leash
7.    impact
8.    trustworthy
9.    make an effort
10.  access
11.  slam
12.  source of contention
13.  barking
14.  consider
15.  suitable
16.  get away with
17.  warning
18.  avoid
19.  acquaintance
20.  whining

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